What is Budget Web Hosting Really About?

We hear the word “budget” and we automatically assume it means cheap or inexpensive. However, the word budget actually refers to a tool for managing money. In the hosting world, you can interchange the words budget and value. As you search for a budget web hosting company, you will actually be searching for the company providing a package with the most value for every dollar spent. This will vary, depending on your requirements.

For example, a large corporation with thousands of daily visitors won’t get much value from a shared website hosting package priced at $5 per month. Sure, they are paying a very low price, but the large amount of daily traffic will cause the server to crash regularly and it will cause all kinds of issues.

Instead, this type of company has to choose a large VPS package or a dedicated server to get value for their hosting. For them, this is budget web hosting because they are getting the most value for each dollar they are spending.

What is Budget Web Hosting for Most Webmasters and Bloggers?

For about 95% of those looking for hosting, a shared website hosting package will fit their needs perfectly. This means, budget hosting for the majority of bloggers and webmasters is the shared web hosting package providing the most value for each dollar.

Of course, this will still vary for each person looking for hosting. Somebody wanting to run a blog on WordPress won’t find much value in a shared hosting package not offering WordPress. However, if that package offers a free website builder, somebody not interesting in using WordPress may find value in that specific package.

Finding the Right Budget Host for You

The first step in finding a great hosting company to fit with your project is understanding what you need. Do you plan to ramp up your marketing fast and gain a ton of daily traffic? Do you plan to use a large amount of images and video? Will you be blogging regularly or have multiple people blogging for you?

There are many questions to answer before you just choose a website hosting package. You need to have a clue of how large your site will be and how much traffic it may get. If you won’t see more than 1,000 visitors a day and you don’t plan on having 100s of pages, a basic shared hosting package will give you plenty of resources.

However, as your site grows, you may need to upgrade. Often, shared hosting companies will offer VPS or dedicated server options when you outgrow your shared hosting package. This is important as you will gain the ability to grow your site further when you reach this point.

Choose a budget website hosting company offering multiple shared hosting packages and some type of upgrade from shared hosting. This will allow you to upgrade when you need to and start at a lower price point.

A true budget hosting company offers plenty of value. It’s important to understand what the value is for you and your project. Once you understand what you need, matching a cheap web hosting company to your requirements is much easier.