Facebook Shop 2.0: Elevating Your E-commerce Game

In a world full of multi-platform companies, keeping up with the competition is hard because you need to be where your prospective customers are. Facebook is paramount in the social media-dominated world. Facebook Shop is one of this platform’s best features, and all marketers and businesses know its worth. Setting up a shop on your Facebook business page is essential for startups and local businesses which enables them to run ads across Facebook.

Local businesses or startups can have a Facebook page Shop, but it is best for retail, merchants, and e-commerce companies so that they can easily embed Facebook feeds on website. Having a solid plan is essential because the online retail industry is both challenging and exciting. You can show and sell products to people right on Facebook with a Facebook Shop page and the same can be done on other social media platforms that offer shop features.

Understand Facebook Shop

An online store that lives on Facebook and Instagram which allows users to browse shop, and make purchases by clicking through the website of the company or either directly on Facebook to complete the sale. With the help of a Facebook Shop, Facebook users can find businesses on Facebook Shop. Facebook Shop feature can be easily discovered through ads or organically.

What’s New on Facebook Shop Page?

As a local business owner, you can run your business through Facebook and you don’t need to have any preexisting online store. With a Facebook Shop Page, there are numerous benefits available:

  • You can always add many products
  • You can categorize your products into collections and categories
  • Through the Facebook Shop Page, communicate with your customers
  • Check the stats of your sales, visits, and more
  • In Facebook Marketplace, set your products which gives access to a much larger user base.

Strategies To Elevate Your E-Commerce Game

Here are some steps that will help you to elevate your e-commerce game.

1. Fulfill The Requirements Of Facebook Shop

For all businesses, creating a Facebook Shop is free and it has a few requirements. You must follow the below-mentioned steps to set up a Facebook Shop for your brand.

  • Create a Facebook Business Page so that you can take advantage of Business Manager admin.
  • For your brand’s Facebook catalog, enjoy the privileges of the manager.

When you need to admin a Facebook Business Page so that you can create another Facebook Shop. To take advantage of this tool, you don’t need a Facebook Business account.

2. To Access Facebook Shop, Reach To Facebook Commerce Manager

Go to Facebook Commerce Manager, start setting up your Facebook Shop, and press the large “Get Started” CTA available at the top of the page. You’ll be given a few settings-related questions from there like “Select how you want customers to make purchases”.

You can link an e-commerce website or API in the process that you’ve already set up and direct customers to buy your items directly from Facebook, Instagram, or direct messages.

3. Provide Business Information

Facebook will ask you a few questions about your business in this particular step of creation. These questions will be related to what category your business belongs in, its location, and contact information. You’ll also be able to include an overall business description.

4. Include Your Products and Shipping Information

You’ll be asked to add products either one by one via a simple product listing form or in bulk as you continue to follow the simple prompts given by Facebook shops.

You’ll be able to add or update product descriptions, images, or other important information after you add products. Before launching your store, while Facebook Shops will prompt you to add products, you can still add, remove, or edit product listings later.

5. Provide Banking and Tax Information

You’ll be prompted to provide information about the bank account where your purchase revenue will go if you don’t have an e-commerce store and want to do all of your sales through Facebook. Before setting up your shop, you’ll also have to give the tax information of your company and agree to Facebook Shop policies.

6. Personalize Your Shop

You can take the fun and creative step of designing your mobile store once all of the logistical information is filled in. To the layouts and style of your shop, Facebook Shop allows you to make basic tweaks. After making edits like adjusting button colors, and text styles, on the right, you can see them on a mobile preview screen.

7. Categorize Products Into “Collections”

Even after your mini store is launched, Facebook Shop provides you the option to edit or remove product listings. You can group products as “Collections” on Facebook shops if you have products that were launched together or with a similar theme. Simply click “Layout” on the shop’s personalization page to add a “collection” then click “Add Collection” under the featured collections sidebar. From its collection page, you can add products to it once you create a collection page or by editing the product’s listing.

8. Launching and Promoting your Shop

Publish the shop when you feel like your shop is ready for business. Be sure to share about it on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. when you launch it to make sure you gain initial visitors.

Final Note

Turning your Facebook Shop into a business is no longer a pipedream. You can transform your Facebook shop into a profitable online e-commerce store with the right approach, dedication, and aforementioned effective strategies. What are you waiting for? Start today and don’t limit yourself to only your business website. Now, get out there, start promoting your Facebook shop on your different social media channels, and watch how this will pay you off amazingly!