Why Make Your Own Website

There are many reasons to make your own website, the better question is why do you want one made? The easy cause for wanting a website is to sell a product or services, which almost every business does today. E-commerce is a huge business as internet shopping is growing exponentially every year. Shipping and handling stock is much cheaper to do online than in retail, as the cost to rent out your own store can be pricey. Also, the internet lets you sell your product almost everywhere, as a retail store keeps your target customer base relatively small.

A reason some might not think of to make a website is self-promotion. This is seen frequently with authors, musicians, and television and movie personalities, but today and in the future many more people will be in need of internet promotion. A common technique for job hunters is to develop and maintain a website with their profile, resume, pictures, and previous work (such as writings, news articles, press releases), so that hiring viewers can get a great sense of the individual before requesting a face to face interview.

Blogging is a common use of websites today, with everyone having the ability to have their own voice and be heard by others. The blogging doesn’t just have to be text on a page however. Nowadays people are posting recipes, video logs, comic strips, and resource pages about their favorite hobbies or topics. With a high amount of news and opinions being broadcasted through blogs, the viewership for privately ran sources of content are high.

While starting a blog or website is easy, using a “platform” can have drawbacks. Sites like WordPress and Weebly have limiting platforms which don’t allow a creator to use every application or system on the web, at least not without a myriad of add-ons. Also, while you can name your website on a platform, it will have the “.wordpress.com” attachment, which is not as clean and easy to remember for your audience. Having your own domain name allows you to choose a website creator that works for your needs, as many are aimed at businesses, blogs, or information.

Once you have determined the need to make your own website, get out there and get it done! Websites with more age tend to be favored by search engines easier, and building a fan base takes time above almost all else. It can be a lot easier and faster than you think and the results can be extraordinary!