How to Get Started as a Freelance WordPress Developer

Website developers from around the world are in great number these days, each with his own unique talent. While many prefer to be in a permanent position in a company, the others prefer to be in a freelance status whether part-time or full-time. Regardless, these professionals are among the highest paid today owing to their skills and the great demand for them. With a growing number of organizations, both public and private, requiring websites nowadays and most likely in the future, web developers are indeed among the most sought after people.

Website developers may specialize in certain work and those who have mastered various skills are often the ones who eventually decide to go freelance. There are a number of advantages to freelancing and one of them is being able to accommodate more projects which equates to higher income compared to just being employed full-time by one company. Another pro is being able to do work at your own pace and time. In short, you are your own boss particularly when it comes to managing your time and projects.

WordPress developers are among those in demand today what with WordPress still a very popular choice for website publishing. This most preferred platform also offers opportunities to professionals including designers, marketers and content creators.

Goal Setting

If you’re bent on becoming a WordPress developer, it is important to decide which in niche to specialize. Some of the niches you can choose from are web development either front-end or backend, web design, plugin developer, content creation, education and marketing. If you’re focused on the technical aspect, front-end and backend web development, plugin development as well as web design are ideal. The front-end normally covers HTML, CSS or JavaScript while the backend covers PHP. As for design, this can cover the use of the browser via HTML and CSS.

Once you have decided on a  particular niche, do continue to learn as you go along to keep up with constant changes that take place on the internet. Flexibility is essential as it will enable you to adapt to the  developments that occur moving forward.

Choosing Clients

With freelancing, you can choose the clients you want to work with and the pay can be higher compared to just being employed by one company or organization. You just need to be prepared to deal with different types of personalities and their expectations of your work.

Make sure you to accommodate only projects you can complete in a specific period of time. You may, however, create your own team later on particularly if projects keep coming in and you feel you need assistance.

Do keep in mind to nurture your client relationships as some of them may be for the long term. Develop good business and communication skills to ensure a smooth flow of work between you and your client.

Issuing Invoices

Apart from their website development tasks, however, developers also need to take care of the business side of their work. They have to prepare and submit a professional invoice at the end of each month or after completion of every project, depending on the agreements they’ve signed with clients. They can choose to use the free templates such as those of Invoice Home to ensure a well laid-out invoice that specifies the details of their work and corresponding fees. Clients appreciate receiving a professional-looking invoice that details the work done by their trusted developers and the fees being charged.

It should be noted that freelancing is not always easy as it seems. But with patience and perseverance, any web developer will eventually reap the rewards of his labor. What also matters is one should never stop learning because it is in your willingness to learn that you can avoid the mistakes of others and achieve success in the future.