A Few Misconceptions Held By Small Business Owners Regarding E-Commerce

The modern time is increasingly becoming an age of technology and digital science. Although it has become quite challenging for small business owners to keep themselves up-to-date with such changes, ecommerce is undoubtedly one such evolution taking place in the sales process which can never be ignored by any means.  Studies conducted by researchers have revealed that more than 40 percent of customers, at every corner of the world, now prefer to carry out all their shopping online. This leads to a steady increase in the frequency as well as value of online sales.

Misconceptions Held By Small Business Owners Regarding E-Commerce

While customers are getting more and more accustomed to this craze of online shopping, there are still some small business owners who make up false excuses in order to stay away from investing in ecommerce channels meant to boost their business. Not wanting to invest in ecommerce may cause you a huge loss. The following are a few of such misconceptions about ecommerce that are held by people:

  • Online sales are not really necessary: This is something that many business owners try to convince themselves. Most of them have this feeling that just because their products have great demand among customers and that their business is running quite successfully, they won’t be requiring any more orders from any new customers. This keeps them under the idea that they can do without ecommerce. While such strong faith in one’s business is not a bad thing, at the same time, it is also important to keep the ups and downs of a business in mind. There cannot be any guarantee in business and sales might fluctuate after few months. Here comes the advantage of an e-commerce website. It not only provides security to your business but also helps you in increasing the profits.
  • The idea that customers are not willing to shop online: This is another huge misconception. Believing this would only lead you to stagnate the growth of your business. It has been found out that online shopping has actually doubled in the last few years. Instead of hopping from one store to another in search of their desired products, customers now choose to visit different ecommerce websites and shop from the comfort of their home. This explains the growth of ecommerce. You might want to think that your business is an exception and that it can thrive without online sales, but the question is “for how long?”. Since a large number of shopkeepers are now taking their business online, it might get difficult for your business to survive in such an environment. An ecommerce platform would ensure that you have a strong online presence and that you can keep up with the changing shopping scenario of the modern times.
  • An ecommerce website is difficult to maintain as well as time-consuming: While it is true that you do need to put in some time as well as money in setting up a website, it is also true that nowadays, a lot of professional web designing companies have taken it on themselves to create a customised website appropriate for your business. It is not very clever to prevent your business’ growth simply by holding on to such a misconception. It is always a good idea to start small with a limited number of products and then gradually expanding, as per customers’ demands.
  • The belief that ecommerce is expensive: Every business requires some amount of initial investment. It is always better to stay positive and weigh the end results against the original cost.

It is absolutely necessary to allow your business to evolve with time. With a rise in the trend of online shopping, ignoring ecommerce would only restrict the growth of your business. Hence, if you’re a web design Singapore company, you should tell the business owner what is the truth of eCommerce 2015.