6 Mobile App Design Mistakes to Avoid

Most of the mistakes that developers make when creating mobile app designs are similar in nature. These common mistakes can happen even to the experts. They often happen if the designers spend a lot of time on a specific project and are not paying attention to other areas. The mistakes can be anything from creating an app that doesn’t solve the right problem, an app missing some of the features, or creating an app that is physically dazzling but isn’t user-friendly.

You can contact Skookum mobile app development if you are having trouble developing your mobile app. If you prefer to work on it by yourself, we have come up with a list of things to avoid when designing your mobile app.

1. Registering Before using The App

It’s essential for you to first give your users the chance to test your app before asking them to register. Once they have tested the app and are satisfied with it, we guarantee that it won’t take a long time before they enroll. They will want to use the app, but first you have to let them test it so that they will know its effectiveness.

2. Congestion on The Screen

Regardless of the many functions of your app, it is improper to lump all of them on the screen; this will make your users feel overwhelmed. You can try to divide the functionalities in different screens. As the users scroll and swipe through the screen, they will encounter new information that they might need. This will lessen the congestion and can improve engagement.

3. Poor First Impression

The first day is the most critical day. This usually involves launching the app for the first time and introducing it to the user base. Initial impressions could be a turning point or a breaking point for your app. If the app appears to be boring the potential users might become disinterested in it. Try to create an app that is keen on details but also allows for a swift and easy familiarization to the most thrilling and engaging features.

4. Designing an App Without Purpose

It is vital for you to avoid creating an app if you don’t have a clear goal for it. Most developers create an app to follow the current trends instead of to solve a problem, offer a service, or fill in a function. You should have ambitions for your mobile app. The purpose of the app will influence every step of the project. If the goal of the app is clear, then the elements of the app will function as a whole.

5. Ignoring App Development Budget

You should get a budget from the development team as soon as the app is sketched. This will ensure that it doesn’t come to a point where start removing useful features due to low funds. As you continue designing your app, it is necessary to have a financial plan so that you can develop apps within your given budget.


It is easy to fall prey to the latest trends and fads, but sometimes it is important to stick to the basics. Of course, there is no need to let your creativity be squandered.

Just remember that good app design is essential if you’re looking to provide a standout user experience. It is thus imperative that you avoid making these mistakes to guarantee the success of your mobile app.