Top 5 Mobile Healthcare Apps

The coronavirus pandemic has put the conventional lifestyle on pause. However, some industries manage to evolve and operate even in such harsh conditions. These days, most people around the world stay home and are extremely concerned about their health. No wonder that demand on healthcare mobile app development is booming.

To examine the recent trends, we selected 5 most popular healthcare applications for iOS and Android according to Similarweb. They serve different purposes and are a great illustration of the current demands.

1. Digital Detox from Urbandroid, 1st place among Android Health&Fitness apps

Smartphones have already taken too much of our time, taking their toll on our relations, work performance, habits, and causing full-blown addictions. This great app has a form of a challenge designed to force you out of your phone. Instead of wasting your time in social networks or games, you can spend it with on live communication or self-development. 

Digital Detox allows some degree of customization, for example, to whitelist certain applications. Naturally, you will be able to use your phone in case of an emergency. To make the challenge more interesting, the app has a leaderboard and various achievements. Even if you think that you are not addicted to your smartphone, give this app a try. You will be surprised by the results. 

2. MyChart from Epic, 2nd place among iOS medical apps

MyChart gives its users quick access to their health information from their iPhones, iPads, and even Apple Watches. They can review their doctor appointments, medications, test results, clinical notes, and much more. Users can communicate with their doctors using messages or video calls.

The app has excellent connectivity. Users can link it to their accounts in different healthcare services so they have all relevant data in one place. It also allows estimating prices for healthcare services and paying medical bills. Moreover, there are scheduling and notification functions to aid in appointment management. 

MyChart deals with confidential information, so its developers implemented security features that use Apple’s Face ID or Touch ID to protect medical data from unauthorized access. Naturally, users can also link this application to Apple Health to provide it with further health-related data.

3. He alow from eClinicalWorks LLC, 3rd place among iOS medical app

This is an all-in-one application with a wide set of features. It can show personal data from medical records and it allows connecting several accounts to one device. So, a user can review the medical information of the whole family. This information may include prescriptions, lab results, past and planned visits to doctors, and other health-related data.

The app also functions as a doctor finding service and suggests suitable specialists depending on the user’s query. healow allows scheduling a regular visit or a video call, whatever is more convenient for a user.

Last but not least, healow has activity tracking and health management functionalities. It also allows setting fitness-related goals, such as targeted weight or a daily amount of activity. Users can track their physical performance and share their results with doctors.

4. Fitbit from Fitbit, Inc., 2nd place among AndroidHealth & Fitness apps

Fitbit is perhaps the best-known fitness app in the world. It goes best with the dedicated fitness tracker or smartwatch from the same brand, but even without them, the application has impressive functionality. It can use the smartphone’s hardware to track physical activity and calculate the amount of calories burnt during a day.

It also has a great community in terms of users and partner software. It also supports custom goals, achievements, result sharing, challenges, and other means to stay motivated and find people with a similar interest in a healthy lifestyle.

Fitbit users also can access workout and nutrition programs, sleep tracking tools, audio tracks for stress management and meditation, and other additional content. The app also keeps track of your calories and heart rate.

5. Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal, Inc., 5th place among Android Health&Fitness apps

This app is invaluable for those who want to lose weight or stay slim. It has an immense database of meals and ingredients to calculate and keep track of the daily intake of calories. Users can input their meals and exercises manually, and this software will provide the statistics and suggest further goals. The goals may be set automatically based on the user’s profile that includes age, level of activity, and, of course, the amount of calories consumed daily. However, users may set the goals manually taking into account the doctor’s recommendations and other factors.  

As you can see, these five free apps cover most health-related demands of an average user. So, if you are not currently using any of them, pick at least one of these apps and give it a try. They may change your life for the better. Especially under current circumstances when people are forced to stay at home.