Image to Text OCR Converter

When we talk about OCR converters and image to text conversion, then the first thing that comes in our minds is the manual typing or writing down of text from an image to a new word file! You should know all though this though comes easily to our mind and it feels like it is very much easy you must understand that this is a time-taking plus is a very difficult job and you just can’t do it with accuracy while being at ease! In this three-minute article, we are going to tell you all about the best way in which you can convert image to text easily!

Before telling you about the best way to make this conversion, we will like you guys to know about the OCR or the optical character recognition method and technique that is being used today! Manual work takes you a lot of time and can cost you a lot of money if you have hired a person for this job; either way, this can affect your workplace productivity very negatively! Now the OCR technology can help you finish this task without any hassle along with saving a lot of time and also increases workplace productivity!

So you guys should know that the best way to convert an image to the word is to do it with the help of a simple OCR online or image to word converter tool having OCR technology! You guys should know that OCR programs were designed to simply transfer the text from a JPEG image to a word file! This technique was used to convert printed scanned papers to databases like bank documents which include statements, invoices, receipts that were electronically made and many more papers of the sort!

Image to Word Converter by Searchenginereports.Net

Now, first of all, know that there are many tools on the internet these days providing free and paid services for the image to word conversion, but you should know that not all of them are easy to use and reliable! We will like you guys to know that this amazing image to word converter tool by SER is considered to be the best OCR online tools on the internet these days and this is just because it is simple to understand and easy to use! Now below, we have mentioned some steps that you should follow to use this tool if you have no prior experience!

  1. First of all, open up on your browser and then navigate the image to word converter tool!
  2. You can also use this link to direct yourself to the tool
  3. When you have entered the tool, you will see a box with an image icon!
  4. All you have to do is to simply click on the image upload icon and then select the images from your gallery that you want to convert to word format!
  5. After you have uploaded the images, you just have to click on the “CONVERT” button below the box!
  6. Now you will see an URL bar below the box in which you can enter the URLs of the image that you have seen on the internet! In this way, you would not have to download any image from the internet, and they can be converted directly into word using this image to word converter!
  7. You will also see the “FROM DROPBOX” bar right next to the URL bar; now you should know that you can easily click on this bar and it will direct you to the cloud service from where you can easily select the images that you have!
  8. Now when your images are converted you should know that you will get the complete converted text that you can easily download in the format or word or text, you can also copy the generated text to your clipboard, and you can even use the convert more option to simply convert multiple images!

Don’t worry, the tool is free and has no limitations in its use! You can convert as many images as you want to in a day!

Factors Affecting the Image to Word Converter!

Now here are some of the factors that can affect the efficiency of the tool! We will like you guys to know that you should always make sure that you try not to input the images having these problems that we have discussed below!

  • First of all, know that a damaged/taped/fixed file cannot be converted with accuracy and you should make sure that you don’t enter an image that has vague text on it!
  • Secondly, you should make sure that a badly written document or the paper is not entered as the tool cannot understand badly written manual formats may it be of joined writing or spaced!
  • Make sure you don’t use old printed files as they can affect the accuracy of the converted text!