The Benefit of Spending Resource on Quality Content

Content is not only necessary for informing visitors to your website about your service or products available but it is an important part of SEO and ensuring visitors can find your website in the first place. Quality content contributes to that by offering your potential customers an easy to read, understandable description of what you can offer them and encouraging them to spend more time on your site by making it an enjoyable experience.

What Is Content?

Content doesn’t only include onsite product descriptions and company history however, and in today’s world, blogs and news feeds play a much stronger part in increasing your ranking in the popular search engines. Blogs written around keywords are used for attracting customers and ideally should be written around industry specific news or innovations or how-to guides on using products or inventions within your niche.

While written content is important, remember to add some interesting visual content too in the form of photos and videos. Videos are easy for customers to watch on the go and are a great to sell yourself in a visually exciting way.

What Counts for Quality Content?

Quality content offers true value to your customers, think about what sort of things someone who can benefit from your product or service would search for if they needed to solve a problem. Offer an answer to that problem in an informative and easy to understand piece of content and give them a reason to explore your website by answering further related questions in other pieces of content that are clearly linked to. The longer a visitor spends on your website the more they are likely to remember you when they need to buy a product to solve their problem or it increases the likelihood of them becoming a customer straight away. One of the most forgotten aspects of producing high-quality content is not to write for search engines but to write for your visitors.

Well researched and put together infographics offer informative and shareable content and can be posted across social media accounts for your customers to see and share with others. Any videos on the website or shared via social media should be good quality visually but offer excellent audio quality at the very minimum, with subtitles for those who choose to watch the video with no sound.

Why Should You Invest Resource into Quality Content?

Whether you spend time or money on producing quality content, it’s necessary for bringing people to your website or spreading your reach across social media accounts and promoting brand recall in your target audience. Without quality content, you will become irrelevant to search engines as they won’t see the value in offering your services or product above that of your competitors if they have invested in even low-quality content. Regularly produced informative or interesting content is key to staying ahead of your competitors but is only a small part of the initial content requirements so while building your website may be expensive for resource, ongoing costs should be reasonable to budget around.

How Can You Tell Your Content Is Working?

You can check that your content is having an effect by using analytics tools to track visitors to your websites, the bounce rate (where someone clicks on and almost instantly leaves the website) and the average time spent on your site. Track and compare these values month to month and after a reasonable time period, 3-6 months, you should be able to see if your content is contributing positively to your search ranking and number of engagements across social media.

Should you notice that your invested content isn’t having the desired effect, change up your content strategy to offer more visually attractive images and videos instead of focusing on text. Make sure that any text you do include or update on your website is mobile-friendly and remains keyword orientated. With the number of mobile phone users likely to exceed 5 billion in 2019, you stand to lose a huge amount of your target audience from poorly optimised mobile websites.

Content marketing will never fall off the list as one of the strongest marketing routes available and by spending resource on it early in your business start-up, you can potentially save yourself spending large amounts down the road in panic. Spending money to outsource content initially will save more time for other important business responsibilities so consider carefully what resource you are able to spare more of, time or budget, before carrying out your content marketing strategy.