4 Tips to Create Images That Attract Attention

Have you ever visited a website and found your eyes immediately drawn to one of the images that was on it? Imagine if you were able to replicate that when you come up with images of your own – and could use it to attract attention.

Attracting attention is crucial to any online images regardless of whether they are published on social media, blogs, or elsewhere. If you’re having difficulty creating images that attract attention, there are a few tips that you should try:

  • Use vivid colors that contrast

Vivid colors automatically stand out and practically demand attention from people. In most cases they get it, as people tend to be drawn to images that are colorful and look alive.

The colors that you use should contrast both within and without the image. For example your subject’s colors should contrast against the rest of the image to set it apart and give viewers a focal point, while the image itself should contrast against the background it is set against.

  • Adopt a minimal aesthetic

The minimal aesthetic is popular in online images nowadays because it is simple, clean, and immediately places the viewers’ attention where it matters most: The subject. To adopt this aesthetic you need to ensure your images contain lots of white space, and aside from the subject have few competing elements.

In some cases it may be best to remove background from image and replace it with something different if it is too complicated. Any editor should let you do that, and for example you could try Movavi Photo Editor.

  • Include people in the images

Have you noticed how most marketing images contain people in some form or other? That isn’t an accident or coincidence – it is because marketers know that viewers are drawn to images of people and they use it to attract attention.

As you can imagine that is something that you can emulate in your own images by including people in them. In particular you should try to make sure the faces are clearly visible, as it is the eyes and face are both features that attracts the most attention.

  • Provoke an emotional reaction

One surefire way to ensure your images get lots of attention is if they are able to provoke an emotional reaction. Unfortunately this is easier said than done – but if you can pull it off you will be able to captivate viewers.

Regardless of whether it is shock, surprise, humor, confusion, or any other positive or negative emotion – so long as you foster that reaction, people will be subconsciously drawn to your image.

Each of the tips listed above will help you to create images that are able to set themselves apart and get noticed immediately. The more people feel drawn to your images, the more likely the images will be able to fulfill their goals – regardless of whether it is to encourage people to click on a link, read an article, or watch a video.