The Best Possible Ways to Search for Guest-Bloggers

You should know that guest-blogging has lots of advantages and a few disadvantages, the greatest benefits are the free backlinks you generate, the increase in traffic to your blog as well as increased number of subscribers. Here are some of the best possible ways of appealing to guest-bloggers to submit quality contents on your blog;

1. Building a community

You should know that no guest-blogger will like to write for a blog that has no community, hence you need active community including commentators, as an active commentator will definitely make your blog more appealing. You need to leverage on all medium (including social media), to create an active community for your blog.

2. Link your contents within the body as well as at the end of the content

Guest-bloggers want good quality backlinks as well as great follow-up traffic, hence you should not just put link inside the author’s bio area because such links often go unnoticed. You should add a link towards the end of your content and it should say something like this; “This is a guest article by (author name), who blogs at (author’s blog name). Make sure you read our guidelines if you want to be a guest-blogger on our website.  This simple conclusion at the end of your blog will create valuable backlinks for your guest-blogger and also help you solicit more guest-bloggers.

3. Create a landing page for your guest-posting guidelines

A dedicate post comprising of your guest-posting guidelines is important and it must also contain; how to register and become a guest-poster, how to become a guest-poster as a newbie and the benefits of guest-posting. You can automate the process in order to make it easier for them.

4. Connect with your guest-posters

Even if you reject a guest post, don’t just throw it in the thrash, instead you must write the guest-blogger reasons why his or her post was rejected, and tell them what they can do in order to make their posts better. Doing this will encourage them and help you win their hearts. You can also follow them on social media network, including Twitter, and Facebook, and this will boost their confidence and show that you care about them.

5. Accept good quality guest-posts

A problem you may face with your guest-posts is that your family and friends may want to write posts on your blog because they want quality backlinks but their posts may not be good enough. Do not force yourself into mixing professionalism with personal life, hence low quality guest posts must be turned down regardless of who write them. Guest-bloggers will definitely want to write for blogs with quality contents, but you need to protect the image of your blog by accepting the best quality contents. You can learn more about this through

6. Make your blog viral and add revenue sharing opportunity

You may want to encourage your guest-bloggers to add their AdSense codes on their posts in order for them to generate streams of income through their AdSense ads. With the addition of monetization option, your guests-bloggers will benefit in three ways; quality backlinks to their blogs, generation of more traffic, and revenues through AdSense. You may want to introduce prizes for guest-bloggers to compete for- this may be a weekly thing, and it may be one of the best incentives that can drive more guest-bloggers to your blog. For more information on this, you may want to check for more information on;

It may take a while for you to get credible authors for guest posts, but when you follow these simple steps and do your Homework right, these credible authors will surely flock to your blog.