4 Basic Design Tips For Your Business Website

When starting a business it is essential in this day and age to create a website to go with it.  Your customers and potential customers need somewhere to go which offers them everything that they need to know about your services and what number to call if they want to contact sales.

Since not everyone has the resources to hire a top web developer, sometimes business owners are forced to design their website themselves.  If you have never done anything like this before then it can be a lot all at once on your plate.  Some people hardly know how to send an email, so the idea of creating the design of an entire website is enough to give them a heart attack.  Before you start to panic, just follow these simple design tips for creating a website for the first time.

Keep The Design Simple

The temptation to want to add all sorts of bells and whistles can creep on a first-time designer.  However, too much information and visual stimulation can detract from the main focus of your website which is first and foremost to provide information.

It is important to try to find a good balance between keeping your website simple but also not sacrificing the look and feel of the quality of your web page.  Going for a pre-made theme and layout is probably the best bet.  Opt for something without a lot of colors and crazy fonts.

Make Sure It Is Easy To Navigate

The links on your page, as well as headlines, should be easy to identify.  Start with the basics.  You’ll want to include the basic things like prices, customer testimonials, and directions. After that, you can add a few more links depending on the niche of your business, but it isn’t necessary.

When your customers see clearly where to go then they won’t get frustrated and lost trying to navigate. A frustrated customer is the last thing you want to create from someone visiting your page.  Try to opt for making a happy customer and you can’t go wrong.

Choose a Simple URL

Sometimes many people make the mistake of choosing a URL which is too long for their website.  It becomes difficult for customers to type in or remember.  It is also a common mistake for beginner web designers to choose a URL which is not relevant to the business and in turn ends up confusing customers.

Make Your Contact Info Very Visible

Consider your web page like a resume.  You want the most visible information to be how people can contact you, and where you are.  When trying to get a customer to come to you this is the most important start.