With the Right Service, You Can Design Just about Anything Online

Recently, Apple released a new ad for the MacBook Air. Apple almost never advertises its computers, so it was interesting to see what they chose to highlight. It wasn’t speeds and feeds. It wasn’t even the industrial design, which in the Air’s case, would be worth trumpeting. What they did show was so un-Apple-like, it deserved a second look.

The ad showed the back of an open MacBook Air with different stickers adorning the surface. Most of those stickers can be purchased from a number of vendors. What is even less known is that many of the companies that sell them will allow you to create your own custom stickers using their online template. Now that’s cool.

Here are a few other things you can design online:


Do you still have your yearbooks from school? The memories are priceless. But the designs are less than inspiring. They all are kind of reminiscent of a Police lineup book. But what can you do? The photography service comes in and does their thing for whatever amount of money your school was able to scrape together. The result is that you have portraits of school kids in a book. It seems that we can do better, and we can.

It is now possible to design yearbooks online. You can use online tools from a service like Memorybook Publishing to add creativity and freshness to an item you plan to keep around for a lifetime. When you personalize the yearbook experience, you might be more likely to remember where you laid it.

Good Websites

Everyone knows you can design a website online. Though, there was a time when the feat could only be achieved by a trained Java jockey and some very expensive and complicated software. Once website design was put into the hands of mere mortals, it wasn’t very good. But these days, almost anyone can design a rather decent website with services available to anyone with a computer and a few dollars per month.

If all you want is a very good and functional blog, WordPress is the destination of choice. If you want something a bit more elaborate, take a look at SquareSpace. It can be used for most any type of website. Whatever service you use, this tip will help you make a better site: Don’t feel compelled to use all the bells and whistles. In fact, in most cases, less is more. Here is an example of minimalist websites you can use for inspiration.


Have you ever found yourself looking over a jewelry case in a department store or shopping mall, desperately searching for just the right piece? It is frustrating because so many of the pieces are very nice and very close to what you were hoping to find, but not quite there. Defeated, you settle for the one that comes the closest to your expectations. Good news! You never have to go through that again.

Not only is there a service that allows you to design your own jewelry online, but several. You don’t have to be an expert jeweler. You just have to know what you like. The experts can take it from there. Custom jewelry is a great way to gift yourself something special, or that someone special in your life.

You can design almost anything online. It is not about you quitting your day job and becoming a designer. Rather, it is about you being empowered to have a creative say in the things that matter to you the most.