Unique Ways to Make Your Signage Stand Out

Businesses today can invest a small fortune in signage for marketing and advertising purposes, but the unfortunate truth is that many of these signs go relatively unnoticed. They may be placed in a poor location, or they may otherwise simply be poorly designed and lack the emphasis or flair that gets the attention of passersby. The bottom line is that your signage will not be effective at helping you meet your goals if you do not find a way to make it stand out. There are a few unique options available for you to consider that may provide you with the cost-effective solutions you seek.

Add Movement to Your Signs

There are few things that can get the attention of distracted individuals on sidewalks, roadways or crowded malls more easily than movement. You can add movement to your signs in a number of unique ways, and these may easily get your signs the attention your desire. Something as simple as tying a few balloons to the tops of your signs or creating waving flag-style signs can be effective. You can also hire live sign spinners to stand on street corners or other busy venues to spin and twirl your signs for dramatic effect.

Make Your Signs Pop Out

When you are indoors and movement is not ideal, you can consider making your signs pop out in three-dimensional format. For example, with full-color foam core poster printing services, you can place your signs on thick, sturdy boards. These can be die cut as desired for added oomph, or they can be customized based on size and shape to meet your unique needs. You can actually design a foam core poster that places one piece of customized foam core material on the top of another one. For example, a special discount offer or your company logo may be die cut in foam core material and placed on top of another foam core poster to make the discount offer or company logo stand out.

Consider the Benefits of Lighting

In addition, you can add lighting to your signs, and this is highly effective outdoors at night as well as in many indoor settings. Lighting can simply spotlight your signage, or you can consider adding movement to your lights if feasible. For example, slowly roaming lights or even flashing lights on your signs may get the attention of others. While you want to get attention of passersby, ensure that your lighting is not irritating or bothersome. When lighting becomes obnoxious and annoying, it can actually have the opposite effect on others that you desire.

Signs are typically a cost-effective way to announce sales, promotions and special offers. They may be used to tell others about new merchandise or services you offer. Some signs simply invite your target audience to step inside and take a look around your store. While each sign may have a different purpose, you understandably want your signs to be effective for your needs. In order to be effective and to serve the desired purpose for you, it is imperative that they get noticed. Signs are typically placed in areas where passersby may be distracted, so you need to take extra steps to make your signs highly visible. You can boost the power of your signs by adopting some of these great ideas into your next sign creation and promotion efforts.