How Can Social Media Improve Health Outcomes – Infographic

  1. Social Media can Help Spread Health Related Awareness in a Fun Way
  2. Use Social Media to Educate People on Complex Health Issues in an Unintrusive Way
  3. Health Related Companies can Help People Proactively Pursue Positive Health
  4. Healthcare Organizations should use Social Media to Showcase their Patient Friendliness
  5. Healthcare Companies can Gain Real-Time Information like Feedback by using Social Media to connect with their Patients and their Family
  6. The Social Web is a Great Motivator when it comes to Health Outcomes
  7. Health Related Information on Social Media may Encourage People to Get a Second Opinion
  8. Social Media Eliminates the Dependency on the Local Doctor and allows for Two-Way Communication Regardless of Geographical Location
  9. The Conversation does not have to End Once the Patient and Doctor Walk Out of the Room
  10. Through Social Media, Patients Feel Empowered to Better Manage their Condition
  11. Patients with Similar Conditions can Discuss Symptoms and Compare Treatments
  12. Facilitates Exchange of Health Knowledge and Medical Experience
  13. Social Apps, Social Communities and Mobile Devices make Health Accessible to Anyone at Anytime
  14. Health Organizations Should Coordinate Internally to Integrate Information from Social Media Space and Connect with their Customers to Provide Value and Increase Trust
  15. Health Industry Companies can take an Active, Engaged Role in Managing Individual’s Health by Incorporating Business Strategies that Include Social Media
  16. There is Huge Potential for Health Companies to Connect with their Patients and Caregivers on Social Media by Posting Engaging Images and Videos
  17. With the use of Social Media, Healthcare Advice and Knowledge can Reach Even to Remote Locations

For further stats and tips on social media can help in the health industry check out the Infographic by pharmacies online.

Infographic originally published on Canadian Pharmacy King blog.