3 Tips for Matching Your Web Design to Your Brand Image

When you’re creating your business’s website or other marketing pieces, it can be easy to get in over your head with regards to the design. You want your company to stand out from all the others in your industry, which can lead many businesses into making some questionable design choices that may or may not actually fit with their brand image and messaging. To keep this from happening to you and your business, here are three tips for matching your website design and other marketing materials to your brand image.

Strive for Consistency on All Fronts

One of the best things you can strive for when it comes to your brand image is consistency. All companies should want any mention or sighting of their brand to be easily recognizable and clearly distinguished. This will help to create stronger brand recognition for you. By keeping all design elements consistent with each and every use, regardless of where, Cintia Miranda of Pulse Marketing Agency reports that businesses will have better customer recognition, more differentiation from their competitors, and a reinforced identity for their company—all things a business wants and can be easily achieved through consistent marketing design.

Create a Logo With A Few Variations

Arguably the most important piece of your visual brand image is your company logo. This tiny design element is going to be inseparably linked to your company, so you’ve got to make it good. According to Raubi Marie Perilli, a contributor to The Garage at GoDaddy.com, having a simple, high-quality logo that you’ve altered into three different variations – horizontal, square with writing, and square without writing—will have you covered for any and all reasons for using your logo, which will be a lot.

Because of the ubiquity you’ll hope to achieve with your logo, it’s important to come up with something you truly love. Consider using a simple piece of art you’ve acquired from somewhere like Park West Gallery or other artistic venue. The more unique you can make your logo, the more recognizable it will be to your customers. And once you have your logo set, don’t deviate from it if you want to keep your brand image consistent.

Have A Business Style Guide

When creating marketing materials for your business, you’re going to need a lot more than just a logo to cover all your bases. For this reason, having a clear style guide is going to be invaluable to you. According to MailChimp.com, this style guide should include information for design choices such as brand voice, font styles, coloring, photography and more. By creating an expansive and all-inclusive brand style guide for your company, you shouldn’t have any problems having a consistent design for your website or any other projects regardless of who creates them.

Matching your web design choices to your other marketing materials can be quick and easy if you use the three tips mentioned above next time you’re taking on a new design project.