Why A2 Hosting is One of The Best For WordPress Blogs and Websites

There are various hosting plans specifically designed to suit the need of a WordPress website, but not all have adequate resources to maximize WordPress performance. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is one of the best hosting plans available for WordPress. It has been designed to bring out the best in any WordPress website, be it simple blogging website or complex websites.

The idea behind Content Management Systems like WordPress is to manage the technical aspect of running a website without knowing a single line of code. Even with this, there may be a need for some technical knowledge when WordPress is hosted with a typical hosting plan. For example, WordPress hosted on shared hosting will require regular updates. Its components, such as themes and plugins, will also need to be updated.

However, when a WordPress website is hosted with unique hosting plans like A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, all the technical aspect of such website will be taken care of. Thus, the owner of the website can focus on generating quality contents for the website. One of the features that make A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting stand out is the Plesk Control Panel. This tool allows the user to set things into motion with its automation functions. Furthermore, Plesk has more security features than other Control Panels. Below are some of the features that make Plesk suitable for running WordPress websites.

  • Multiple-layer security; Plesk control panel has more than five security measures to ensure your website files and resources are always secure. Examples are LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Active Directory Authentication, Two Factor Authentication, built-in WAF (Web Application Firewall), Fail2ban, Atomicore Rules and more.
  • Operating System Compatibility; while other Control Panels are compatible with a specific type of hosting. Plesk is compatible with all hosting types; be it Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and others.
  • Usability; Plesk usability is very high. It has tools for complex functionalities as well as some simple controls that beginners can use. While the codes and logic that drives the Plesk Control Panel are complicated, the user interface makes it simple to interact with the codes and get things done quickly. The Plesk user interface has experienced various upgrades over the years.

In addition to the Plesk control panel, other features enhance WordPress performance:

  • SuperSpeed; A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting can boost up your WordPress website speed to 20X faster. Speed is good for SEO; it increases engagement, and improve overall user experience.
  • Automatic Backup; while WordPress is optimized for security and thoroughly debugged before each release, the same thing cannot be said for its themes and plugins. Poorly coded plugins and themes can crash your WordPress website, and not having a backup version of your website will result in loss of data. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting provides an avenue for automatic backup; all that is need to be done is set your preferred interval. The interval may be weekly, monthly, or even daily.
  • Free Jetpack license; Jetpack offers everything you need to bring the best in your WordPress website. But you will need a domain license to activate it on your website. You need to purchase the license, but you can get it free with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • Big storage space; 10GB is the minimum storage space you can get with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, and that is when you purchase the least plan; 1-site. 3-site and unlimited offer 25GB and 40GB respectively.
  • Unlimited bandwidth; it will be terrible when the number of your website’s visitors is growing, then you wake up one day to discover your website is not available due to overloading of traffic. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers unlimited bandwidth, and your website can receive as many visitors as possible.
  • Free SSD, CDN; SSD drives perform better when it comes to processing speed and the with the free CDN you can host your scripts and reference them from anywhere.
  • Free site staging; when you have a new component or feature to test on your WordPress website, you do not need to set your main website to Maintenance mode. With A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, you can use the site staging feature to test anything on your website in the background.

If you want the best resources for your website, then A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is the hosting plan you should go for. The prices are relatively low, feel free to explore them.