3 Exciting Tools to Help You Conquer Creative Block

We all struggle with inspiration from time to time.

Whether you’re an author suffering through writer’s block or an artist suddenly devoid of vision, the associated feelings of a creative drought can be cripplingly painful.

Whilst the Ancient Norse religions looked to the gods for inspiration, your own unconscious bursts of ingenuity seem like a distant memory that even Odin couldn’t fix.

But you’re not alone.

Even the great F. Scott Fitzgerald and the renowned cartoonist Charles M. Schulz – best known for the comic strip Peanuts – famously toiled trying to come up with original ideas.

Of course, not all creative blocks are created equal, with individuals likely to employ varying methods to pull themselves out of their creative slump.

When the ideas do start flowing again, however, it’s useful to have a technological crutch you can rely on to ensure your brainwaves don’t vanish in a debilitating haze of self doubt …

1. Digital Recording Pen

If you’re lost in your own mindfulness, it’s often difficult to remember to write things down. However, a digital recording pen offers you the best of both worlds, as it can record up to 18 hours of audio, allowing you to save your ideas and come back to them later.

You can activate the pen through the discreet switch hidden in its clip, and it also starts recording automatically when it hears voices. The batteries last for around 12 hours, although they can be easily recharged from your PC in as little as three hours.

2. Self-Stirring Mug

It sounds frivolous and lazy, but when making your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea, a self-stirring mug can save you valuable nanoseconds – and every moment counts when you’re attempting to fight your way out of your creative block.

Additionally, by sitting down to a cup of tea, its much-lauded therapeutic and rejuvenating qualities can combine to unleash your creativity, as well as providing you with antioxidants to fight against life threatening diseases. Winner.

3. Mediation Apps

Aside from helping to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety attacks and improve the immune system, meditation can also help you gain clarity, boost your emotional stability AND increase your creativity levels.

In an effort to master the art, why not browse your smartphone’s app store and download the tool you need to help you live a more mindful life and wave goodbye to the associated stresses of the dreaded creative block.

Now it’s over to you …

How do you deal with creative block? Do you have any top tips you’d like to share with our readers? Please leave a comment below – we’d be delighted to hear from you.