How to Create a WordPress Intranet Site for Your Business

WordPress content management system (CMS) is one of the most used CMS’s in the world. 32% of the whole internet sites are based on WordPress, and the WordPress system is running 14.7% of the top 100 sites in the world. If you have a business website, there is a big chance that you also use WordPress to manage it. Nonetheless, as professional and functional this platform is, you need to set it up correctly in order to get the best user experience.


One of the main sites you should incorporate into your CMS is an intranet. The good news is that the WordPress platform is ideal for it. It is easy to install and set it up to boost your internal business management.

What is Intranet and Why Should You Use It for Your Business?

The intranet is an internal network only accessible for authorized users, and it is mainly used to allow many people to manage one system or communicate within a company. We suggest using the intranet just for more prominent brands as it serves them more efficiently. Central features create a sharing space where employees or other selected people can share documents, store files and communicate with each other.


A private network is highly beneficial when a company is expanding overseas then everyone can still manage documents, files, and assignments effectively. Moreover, it can be used as a knowledge base where new hires or old employees could find the information they need. Also, it is beneficial for a company’s privacy, because you can easily secure valuable and sensitive information with the intranet.

We shouldn’t forget that it’s a great community engagement tool, because you can keep employees up to date with business news, and arrange team building tasks. It also allows creating forums and private chats which makes it easier to communicate and eliminates additional chatting platforms.

How to Set Up Intranet Site for Your WordPress Website?

To make the most of the intranet you have to prepare it, before installing the system properly, you need to pick plugins that will improve the performance of the intranet. Most used ones are these:


BuddyPress – it is mainly used for community purposes, where people can create personal accounts and talk with each other. It is useful if you want to use your intranet functions for communication.

Booking Calendar – this plugin works as a daily calendar where all employees can create events and meetings, and follow up with others.

Kanban Boards – by using this plugin you can create boards and cards with tasks. Kanban Boards helps with project and time management within the company.

After you have finished with plugins, it’s time to set up the intranet itself. There are two main techniques how to install the system. The first one is using XAMPP it works as a local server base. The steps of the installation process:

  1. To begin with, you have to install the XAMPP software to your device, then create a new WordPress install on the same software;
  2. Create a virtual host it allows a web server to manage requests from the real server;
  3. Further, you have to find the LAN IP address of the localhost site for other users to access the system;
  4. Now you can finish it up, to find out more information about the WordPress intranet installation process you can check a great resource covering this topic.

This technique is useful because it has higher security levels and ensures privacy, however, to implement it you will need a separate computer running all the time.

The second method is to set up intranet as a WordPress plugin, and it is easier to apply:

  1. If you already have a WordPress site, then the next step is to secure it by using the All-In-One intranet plugin. This point is crucial because the intranet plugin works on a public base;
  2. Customize a login screen to make the intranet site represent your corporate identity. This step is optional but still recommended as it makes the website look more professional and appealing.

The plugin method is suitable because it doesn’t require a local server, which eliminates the danger of technical issues. But it needs more efficient data protection because the plugin works on a public server.

It is essential to have a comprehensive content management system, as for now, WordPress is one of the best platforms that serve this function. The best thing about it is that you can adapt it for your business needs by installing additional software and plugins. The intranet is one of the main sites you need to have when your company starts to expand. If you efficiently use the right tools, it will save an extra effort and boost your business work-efficiency.