Blogger vs WordPress: Which to Choose and Why

One of the most pressing questions when it comes to starting a blog is, where to create it. Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular blogging platforms each with their own set of features.

In this post, I’ll list down the features of both Blogger and WordPress, their features and, which one should you opt for.

The Basics

Blogger is a part of Google and is available freely to all the users. Creating a blog on blogger is as simple as making instant coffee. It is simple to understand, easy to use, and a great of way of building your online presence. One of the best things about Blogger is that even if you’re not that great on technical knowledge you are still good to go.

WordPress on the other hand comes in two formats, and is similar to Blogger whereas, deals with the self-hosted version. For your benefit, we will compare with Blogger. WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System) and powers over 28% websites all across the globe. It is not free and requires some amount of technical knowledge. However, it has incredible customization features and can help in setting the right tone of your blog by use of varied themes and plugins suited to your blog. Also, with WordPress you can choose the best WordPress Hosting based on your needs.

Features Blogger and WordPress

As seen above, each platform is different and caters to a different set of an audience. Let us have a detailed look on the features of both the blogging platforms.

Features of Blogger

  1. Blogger is freely available and is hosted on as the suffix to your domain name
  2. It is simple to use and has several inbuilt templates. Along with the pre-installed templates, users are allowed to install external themes
  3. Since Blogger is powered by Google, it is secure and managing backups and updates is very easy. Also, you need not be concerned about where your website is hosted or the possibility of downtime
  4. You can install plugins to your blogger website (blog) however it is limited as no third party installations are allowed.

Features of WordPress

  1. is a self-hosted platform, thus you own the domain name and the content you post on it.
  2. WordPress is a bit tedious to understand and not as user friendly on the first look. However, once you start exploring it you realise it has multitude of options to customize your blog.
  3. There are several pre-installed themes and plugins and you can even download external WordPress supported themes and plugins to customize your website. With WordPress your blog won’t look similar to that of another blog.
  4. Your WordPress blog’s security largely depends on the hosting provider you choose. The best WordPress Hosting provider is the one, that provides regular updates, automatic backups and security solutions like malware and virus scanning.

Which One to Opt for

Choosing which blogging platform to go with is dependent on what you as a user are seeking. If you are newbie to the world of blogging and just wish to pursue blogging as a hobby, then Blogger is a good option to go with. However, if you wish to monetize your blog and claim ownership, WordPress is the go to platform.

Another way to look at this could be, you start off with Blogger and as your readers base increases, you can move to your own custom domain. Hosting and having a custom domain on WordPress is far easier to manage than Blogger. Also, WordPress is highly customizable and with the best WordPress Hosting from the right service provider, your blog is sure to popular and secure. One hosting provider that I would recommend that provides the best WordPress Hosting is ResellerClub. They have affordable plans with amazing features and reliable support.

At the End

At the end, what matters is what you as an individual are looking for. Both the blogging platforms are good and cater to a different set of audience. Decide what you need and you’re good to go.