Best Poker Widgets and Themes for Your WordPress Blog

Poker-themed graphics for the gaming enthusiasts

As a writer, finding the right theme to set your writing mood can be difficult sometimes. Nowadays, there are tons of free WordPress themes available, but not all of them convey your vision and brand as a poker writer. The Internet is a free market place, which can showcase your products and services and viewed by millions of people. With that in mind, here are some of the best poker widgets and themes to help you make your blog more interactive.



1. Poker Widget Suite

From the social gaming networking site PokerDIY, this widget embeds the latest tournament leader boards and player statistics, which basically keeps your page updated. It’s a great alternative for blog posts using spreadsheets with an HTML table, since they can be hard to interpret sometimes. Apart from this feature, it also has performance charts to provide players with a rich user interface.

2. World Series of Poker (WSOP) Widgets

It helps you bring the latest updates from the WSOP tilt’s different host countries. Basically, it’s an all-in-one venue to track schedules and events such as Texas Hold’em, Razz, and Omaha. This also gives you the option to choose from the different widget sizes, and place it the most suitable spot on your blog.

3. Poker Tournaments Widget

With an online HTML/JavaScript customization feature, you can resize and insert this tool on your page in 10 seconds. It can also hold numerous gaming tournaments with the added XML-support. Aside from Poker Promos, each game has its own date and time stamps.

4. Poker News Widget

For bloggers using Google’s services like Gmail, you can add this widget to know the latest in the gaming industry, straight from the PokerNews website. Filter the news that you want to appear on your page by customizing its Settings page. If you have plenty of blog space, you can have more information posted on it.


1. The Poker Blog Theme

Instead of fancy themes, it has a more professional layout, giving more authority to your blog. It’s functional, straight forward, and easy to follow and read. The advertisements are located on the right, since most readers browse websites from left to right. You can also customize the content by choosing smaller fonts, shorter titles, or CSS Modding.

2. Party Poker Theme

The partypoker theme is a free, high-quality layout which is compatible with WordPress versions 2.9 and the latter ones. With pre-embedded widgets, the theme dons a threaded comment feature, which can be customized with different categories such as Casino, Slots, Royal Flush, and Poker. It also supports different browsers.

3. The Joker

This theme combines fun and art mo, which has the most interesting betting-themed options, with a card-holding joker on the side. Sporting a multitude of colors, it has horizontal main navigation, link columns on the right, and a floating page poker design.

4. Go Online Poker

Resembling The Joker, the Go Online Poker theme has a big space for widgets, larger hand column, and an RSS Feed top logo. Inspired by a business website, the theme has a busy, yet organized main banner, which bears the name of the blog and the header photo.