Should I Create a WordPress Site or Build a Custom Website?

Building a website is the initial stage of your business. Therefore, you should only start one when you think you are ready. Being ready also means getting to know about the industry and what type of platform should suit your business needs. However, when it’s about choosing the best website builder, you will get plenty of options. Depending on your requirement and budget, you will have to choose one among them.

In this comprehensive guide, I will tell you the pros and cons of using a WordPress site and building a custom website. Also, you will find out the Benefits of Custom WordPress Theme for Your Website.

WordPress Vs Custom Website: Which One to Choose From?

Custom HTML web design is complicated, and it requires coding to design a website for your business. On the other hand, WordPress is already a built-in performer where you can create any type of website you want. But a few things are there that you need to keep in mind while choosing a platform for your newly-planned business. To help you decide, here I have demonstrated the differences between WordPress and Custom HTML sites.

Custom Websites

If you want to build a unique site that will stand out in the competition, you can hire a web-designer and build a custom website using codes. You don’t need to get worried about all those codings and stuff if your designer is professional. But if you know how to design a website, you don’t need to hire anyone. Custom websites have unique functions and they are more complex, built with complicated coding languages such as PHP, ASP, Python, Laravel, JavaScript, and Ruby. While you are building a custom HTML site, it will give you as many unique features as possible that you may not get while building a site with WordPress.


  •  Custom HTML sites are more SEO friendly than WordPress built websites, and with the custom-designed site, you can rank higher in Google. You can build a custom site if you want to generate more leads and conversions.
  • There is nothing new about WordPress CMS; many businesses are using the same features and templates. But your custom-build site will be more unique and will carry your brand’s name.
  • You can modify the design of your website by contacting the same professionals or hiring a new one. Custom HTML websites are adaptable to changes, unlike WordPress CMS.
  • Custom-build sites receive more premium support than WordPress CMS as you can call the developer anytime so that they can help you fix any error that occurs.


  • When you are building a site from scratch, it naturally will be more expensive than other WordPress sites. You have to find a developer who has enough experience in building a website according to the clients and business needs.
  • Also, it takes more time in creating and in fixing if any problem occurs as you will have to depend on the developer.

WordPress CMS

Generally, WordPress is the best platform for creating blogs, but later, it has become more developed to help businesses build their websites. The most common reason why people choose WordPress is they don’t need to hire a professional. It’s a simple website builder that anyone can use. But you can follow the pros and cons to make a decision.


  • Building a website with WordPress takes the shortest time as it already comes with ready-made themes to make your site look complete.
  • You can keep your site up-to-date to fix bugs and errors as the developers are releasing updates constantly. You can use various plugins and strategies to boost your site’s performance when SEO is concerned.
  • WordPress theme developers build various types of themes to make your site look stunning and responsive at the same time.


  • It becomes difficult to style your website on your own, but you can ask an experienced developer to help you in that case.
  • WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers amidst all the security patches and the latest releases. But you can minimize that by using the right safety measurements and plugins.

In conclusion, it’s your choice which one to go for between a WordPress site and a Custom website. You can decide on a method depending on your budget and requirements.