Do Plagiarism Checkers Deeply Crawl the Content of Every Website?

Well, this a question every one of us ponders upon, especially while checking website content for plagiarism. Well, there are many misconceptions about plagiarism software checker tools, and this is the very reason that people usually think that plagiarism tools are not capable of checking all your content deeply for plagiarism. Well, this thought is valid for some of the plagiarism tools on the web but not because they have a problem in working rather because they are simply not capable and are not designed in the way to deep search!

Now in this three-minute article, we are going to tell you all about the best tool that can help by crawling deep into your website for checking duplication. Now the answer to the title is quite simple if you understand it well, not all plagiarism checkers are capable of crawling deep into your website content, but this does not mean that every checker tool is weak and is not capable enough to check plagiarism and for this very reason we are going to explain the working of the best tool that you can take as an example. We will also let you know about some other tools that are reliable for you to check in detail.


The plagiarism software tool that we are going to talk about today actually belongs to the website, which is also known as PlagiarismSoftware.Net! Now, this site and tool is actually an advanced product of the famous website, better known as small SEO tools! The plagiarism checker by is one of the best tools on the web, and this is because of many reasons, including the use of artificial intelligence and high-end algorithms. We want you guys to know that this plagiarism software is very easy to operate, and even a person who is checking his/her website for the first time on the web can easily use it. Below we have mentioned the steps following which you will be able to operate the tool.

  1., don’t hesitate to click this link as it is the short-cut to the tool’s main interface!
  2. When you are in the tool, you will see a big white text box in which you obviously have to write down the text manually or paste it accordingly.
  3. You can also simply upload documents, it’s actually up to you, use the upload method best suitable for you guys.
  4. After completion of uploading, you just have to click on the CHECK PLAGIARISM bar below the box, and the tool will take less than two to three seconds to detect plagiarism.

You see how easy the use of the tool is, now we want you to know the background working of the tool because of which it can detect plagiarism even in the smallest sets of words. When you click on the check plagiarism button, you guys should know that this tool uses algorithms that are capable of splitting the text into small sets of phrases containing three to six words. Now, these sets are individually compared with the database of the tool, and in this way, even the smallest traces are identified.

Features of the PlagiarismSoftware.Net

Now here are some of the key features of the tool that you should know about!

  • The tool is a free and paid tool, that means it has its free use with some limitations but you can hook-up with the pro packages to get unlimited and more detailed services of the tool, you must know that the free version and the paid version of the tool are both accurate in their checking so don’t get confused in this matter!
  • Now the second most important thing about this tool is its advanced checking feature that we have explained above.
  • The tool has very affordable packages, and even a freelancer can afford to buy them.
  • The tool provides 24 hours support to its users/customers, and you can use this mail to get in touch with the authorities for any help!
  • The tool allows you to upload multiple formats of documents that means that you no longer have to worry if you have any format other than MS word!
  • The tool can check plagiarism with the help of URLs, and you can also remove URLs that you don’t have an interest in checking your content with!
  • The tool has its own grammar checker that you can use for free. You can remove all the errors and mistakes from your content with this feature.
  • The tool is one of the most secure mediums that you will find on the web that will help you in checking plagiarism. We want you guys to know that you have to register yourself with the tool so that you can secure your input data and can get reliable services!