The Big Benefits of Objective Blogging (and How to Do It Yourself)

When blogging about current events, it seems as if writers are often drawn to one of two extremes. The first extreme is to be as controversial and opinionated as possible while sacrificing the credibility of their content; the other is to simply rehash what’s already been said a thousand times before and ultimately say nothing new or of value.

What if there was a better way to blog about breaking news?  Thankfully, there is.

Neil Patel notes that the most important aspect of building a blog is crafting the best content possible. Why not make the most of your blog’s content by breaking stories objectively to establish credibility for your brand and entertain your audience in the process?

The benefits of objective blogging are three-fold, as objective bloggers..

  • Appeal to a wider audience rather than needlessly alienate readers with controversy
  • Establish authority for your brand by providing original commentary and having great attention to detail with your content
  • Provide legitimately fair and balanced commentary to your posts, giving your content an exclusive, one-of-a-kind vibe

Whether you’re discussing sensitive topics or simply commentating on breaking news, consider the following when it comes to your content.

Define Your Purpose

First and foremost, every piece of content you craft on your blog needs a purpose. For example, the purpose of your content may be to entertain readers, persuade them to join a cause or sign up for your site’s mailing list. Regardless of what you’re writing about, from breaking Presidential news to world events, ensure that you keep your blog’s purpose in the back of your mind as you write.

While this may seem like a minor detail, many writers go off the rails and needlessly rant and rave within their content, eventually alienating readers who don’t share their viewpoints. By staying objective and writing with a purpose, you serve your audience by giving them something to do and serving as a resource to your readers.

Do Your Homework

Research is the cornerstone of any breaking news story; in short, you can’t have a proper story without proper sources. In order to write the best content possible and save yourself from having to publish a retraction, make sure you take care when looking for links and references. For example..

  • Don’t solely rely on rumors from social media; although the social network can be a great place to scope out breaking news, you shouldn’t publish content based on hearsay
  • Rely on legitimate and trusted news sources rather than small political blogs or unknown sites (for example, organizations such as NPR or the BBC are almost universally considered trustworthy)
  • If you’re skeptical about a source, do some Googling or check out a site’s domain authority to ensure that it’s credible

Not all sources are created equal; therefore, it’s up to you to take your time to do your homework when it’s time to break a new story.

Leave the “I” Out of It

Some writers feel the need to inject themselves into every piece they write; however, there’s much more to an entertaining piece than controversy or saying “I think” over and over again.

Choose your words carefully and try to avoid saying “I” whenever possible. Instead, rely on your unique style and voice to insert your personality into your writing. Readers want to hear from you; however, they also want to hear your story uninterrupted.

The benefits of being objective are paramount for bloggers looking to build authority for their brands. By taking great care with your content and writing well-thought and researched pieces, you can establish yourself as a legitimate player in the blogosphere.