Ten Cool Tattoos for Men to Get

We know it’s a tough choice to decide on a tattoo design to get on your body. There is always the risk that at some point in your life you won’t like it any more or its symbol won’t mean anything to you due to changes of mentality. However, if you are totally decided to get a tattoo, we also know that the idea will stick to your mind until you’ll get it done, so we came up with some design ideas that could be good choices for men. Remember that if you are not 100% decided yet to choose a permanent tattoo you can choose first a temporary tattoo design, and then you can decide if you really want to get a permanent tattoo. There are many places like TattooTemptation from where you can get temporary tattoos.

10. Girlfriend’s name

Well, we were just talking about regrettable long term choices, and tattooing the name of a person on a permanent basis on the body might not be the best idea, as people change and love goes away in time.

Some celebrity examples who got such tattoos and then covered them up with something else are Johnny Depp and Billy Bob Thornton, so you can follow their example, but bear in mind that you might want to cover that tattoo up with something bigger at some point in the future.

9. Mom written inside a heart

Well, if the girlfriend can always go away, a mother is for life, so this tattoo will be safe on a permanent basis. There are many guys who love their mum so much that they feel the need to bring her homage or a constant “thank you”, the tattoo being a great solution for this.

8. Pinup girl

If you want to have a close constant reminder of how beautiful and important women are for men, why not get a pinup girl tattoo somewhere on your body? Pinup girls are old school symbols of sex appeal and there is no man that doesn’t like them. Men who usually choose to get such a tattoo are very proud of their love of women and like to enjoy every moment around a beautiful woman.

7. Blue birds

These bird tattoos were specific to sailors to show that they had travelled 5000 or 10000 miles on the sea. They would get one bird for 5000 and another one facing the first, for 10000. Nowadays men get them to remind themselves of the manliness of sailors or as a symbol of love.

6. Nautical star

This simple five-cornered star is a beautiful tattoo a man can get on his arms, elbows or legs. They used to be common tattoos also for sailors, representing the North Star that helped them in their navigation. Not many people who get the tattoo know its actual meaning, but only get it because it looks good.

5. Skull

Skulls are very common images and of course, also very common tattoos for men, due to their grim appearance and their symbolism. This remainder bone of the human being is used as a symbol to remind people that death is unavoidable and the ones who wear it as a tattoo show that they do not have any fear of it to come.

4. Dragon

Dragons look amazing as tattoos, either they are colorful or black and white. They are spectacular mythological creatures that symbolize power and wisdom and people usually get dragon tattoos because they consider them to be good luck charms and protectors.

3. Cross

The cross tattoos can be worn both as a sign of religious faith or as a sign of rebellion. Either Orthodox or Celtic, cross designs can be varied and spectacular as tattoos. Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake have visible cross tattoos on their bodies.

2. Japanese/Chinese characters

These Asian culture ideograms can be very safe as permanent tattoos because not many people will know what they mean and because their symbolism is generic and difficult to be regretted. You can choose to tattoo the characters that represent the words “love”, “luck”, “life” and so on.

1. Tribal

Tribal tattoos are almost always a success, as they do not have a specific meaning and are done just for the beauty of the design. The solid black lines and curves that make up these tattoos can be diversified in shape and size, so you won’t risk of having the exact same tattoo as everybody else.

Hoping that our ideas were helpful in your perfect tattoo endeavor, we encourage you to look up for more designs, make your own personal top of tattoos and start eliminating until you reach only one favorite, that you can eventually get on your skin.