Important Things You Should Keep in Mind When Making an Invoicing Application

There are many things in an application that makes them look nice and clean. Without an app’s elements and features, the app will be like a human skeleton. These types of apps have been around for a while now. They may be expensive but they are worth it and every business should get one for themselves to boost their efficiency. There will only be a one-time cost of making this invoice application then it will be free for use providing your business many benefits. Such as you won’t have to hire accountants anymore because you will be able to do everything yourself. You will have every record of invoicing in the app and also every record of payment that goes or comes.

You will save a lot of money too as you won’t have to buy papers and inks in bulk because everything will be done digitally. You will be saving around 15 thousand dollars every month from this that you can use to invest further in your business. This is a very big benefit that no one sees. Fifteen thousand dollars every month is a very big amount and you can do a lot of things with it. Like expanding your business, hiring more workers increasing your productivity.

But, for all of this to happen, you have to first make the invoicing app. You can use the Billdu software to do this with the help of a professional coder. They can help you build the best application with an option of an empty invoice template in it too. All the important things that you should add to your application will be listed below. Make sure to keep all of these things in mind when making the app with a professional coder.

Once the app is done, you can host it online, so that you can use the app. Everything will be just a click away from you. It will be like a portable office for you, you will be able to use the app whenever and wherever you want. You can keep track of every invoice that goes through your business reducing the chances of you getting scammed. Many employees try to hide invoices so that they can leech off some money but with this app, only you will be the one with the authority to delete the invoices.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when making an invoicing application or software;


Typography isn’t that important but it’s something you can work on to make your app look better. The fonts you would want to use should be formal. It’s an app where people will be working, it’s a gaming app or anything. The app will be used for serious business related work and transactions. Texts should have a body of 16 pixels so they are easily readable and when labelling something, use bold fonts.

Color scheme

Try to keep it simple using black and gray, it’s not an app which people will have fun using. Keep the color scheme simple and serious so that it provides a feel that you’re working.


Navigation helps in finding out things in the app faster. Using this feature, your clients will be able to find their own designated folders just by using the navigation bar and typing their name. No time will be wasted and things will be done quicker than usual.