Design Tips For Your Professional Web Page

Creating a professional page for yourself is something that is considered fairly standard in this age.  Whether you are seeking a job in technology, or are a well-established plastic surgeon, your page can be used for a variety of reasons to best represent your talents.

It is important to take your time designing your page rather than charging through it quickly and haphazardly.  Since your web page is a representation of your profession, you want to put your best foot forward.  You may not be a professional web designer, but don’t let this put you off.  All it takes are a few basic tips to make the best page possible.  Here are the main things to focus on.

Put Your Contact Information At The Top

The first thing that potential clients need to see is how to get a hold of you.  When they are scanning the internet looking for someone in your line of work, they want quick results and a number to call.

Therefore, choose a bold font and clearly include your name, email, telephone number, and location at the very top of the page.  Make sure that it is not cluttered with too much other information or images.  Stick to the facts and keep it simple.

Include a Photograph of Yourself

One great way to put a human face on your services is including a photograph of yourself.  When people see a nice friendly smile which seems approachable, it puts them at ease to hire you for your services.

Instead of choosing a photo which is grainy and poor quality, consider getting a professional portrait done which looks high quality and top notch.  If you have a high-quality camera, you can do it yourself with a tripod and neutral background.  Rather than a lot of colors and objects around you, you want a blank canvas so that only your personality shines through.

Link To Your Experience

People visiting your page may become overwhelmed by too much information coming at them.  A lot of words and paragraphs can go over their head.  In order to stay true to a simplistic design, link to your previous projects and qualifications in a separate window.

For example, you can include an anchor text with something along the lines of, “to see my previous collaborations with The Chamber of Commerce, click here.”  By keeping all of this in a separate window your design is clean and simplistic which is much easier on the eyes.

Choose a Simple Design

In addition to the information being simplistic, choose a font and color palette which is also clean and simplistic.  It will create a much more cohesive presentation.