4 Pathways For Website Design and Development

If you’re planning on starting a website design and development concept, there are several different pathways that you can take to achieve your goals. If you want to get the best results, then you should generally have a plan the beginning of your process, to avoid wasting any time and energy that ends up being unnecessary.

A few examples of the pathways that you can take would include making your website mobile friendly, figuring out how to make it socially-oriented, working to create a commerce-ready site, or targeting your development to promote efficiency and budgetary considerations.


The number of people who reach websites via mobile device as opposed to desktop these days is quite a high ratio. Just think about it for a moment. Probably nearly everyone you know has a smartphone. And whenever they look for information, they jump to the browser on their device. If they find your website on their small screen, how does it look? The push for mobile-friendly website development is so that people who primarily get their information through their phone have access to all of the same features that someone does on a desktop.


Another way to design your website would be to make it as socially-oriented as possible. In other words, if you integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other online platforms, then a lot of the content will be automatically generated, and the social discussions that happen will also be included within your websites set of features. If you can make it so that someone’s experience on your website shows the same degree of social grouping that Facebook does in particular, then you have achieved a sense of familiarity that will help you out with new clients.


If the goal of your website is to sell things, then adding an e-commerce section to your site and focusing on that can probably be a valid primary goal. If someone sees something that they want from your site, they can click a few buttons and purchase it, that creates a high conversion rate for you. Lots of sites that focus on commerce have a very particular look because they don’t need the frills associated with websites that are more concerned with other types of content.

Targeted for Efficiency and Budget

And finally, sometimes what you want to aim for is efficiency and budget consciousness. If you don’t have a lot of money, then you want to keep your website details down to a minimum. Also, if you want the speed of navigation to be a factor in your website, you want to code for as much efficiency as possible. There are graphics-heavy sites that are beautiful and media-rich, but people get frustrated with them because they take too long to load. It may be that you want to design a website that creates the opposite effect.