Three Sure Fire Ways To Make Your Business Site More Interactive

If you’re about to launch your new online based business, there are a few things that should definitely be on your checklist before you approve your new official company website. Modern businesses are taking full advantage of the new level of interactivity that is now available for their websites, and this is one trend you should definitely be embracing with open arms.

Here is a short list of three features that go a long way toward enhancing the interactivity and thus the appeal of the modern company website.

Update Your Home Page Frequently Via Your Social Media Accounts

It’s excellent idea to update your home page frequently with all of the latest news concerning your available goods and services. Even if you don’t have any new products coming in for a few days, you can still find plenty of subject matter to fill in the time. You can tie in updates from your social media pages by linking your news feed with your Twitter, Facebook, Vkonktake, and other accounts. Doing so will keep your site current, and visitors will see that there is always activity on the page.

Install An Instant Messenger Feed On Your Website

Another important feature to install on your official company website is an instant messenger. You can set up your IM to take questions from visitors, and quickly answer them in a number of ways. You can have your IM response preset with a number of FAQ style replies to various commonly asked questions. If the visitor requires more information, you can have the IM connect to a live representative, either someone that you hire for the task, or yourself, if you’re feeling so inclined. Either way, instant communication with the company is a great way for a customer to feel secure in their dealings with you.

Enhance Your Site With An Online Web Store

Perhaps the best method to immediately enhance your interactivity is to install an online web store, complete with credit card processor and an innovative shopping cart design. Installing a web store on your site allows you to increase your potential base of customers by an exponential leap, simply by giving people all over the world the chance to purchase goods and services directly from your official site. Once your business is equipped with a fully interactive web store, you can expect your productivity and profitability to experience a major upgrade.

Improved Interactivity Is The Trend Of The Future

Major improvements in interactivity are coming that will make these present features look like exactly what they are: Early prototypes of the genuine article. It may not be long at all before visitors to your official company website are greeted with a friendly welcome from a virtual “site greeter” who can answer all of their questions and even engage in a bit of light banter. Until then, these three suggestions concerning improved interactivity should be taken to heart and to the bank.