The Current Trends of Cloud Logging

If part of your job description includes selecting your company’s new log management service, consider yourself lucky. In past years, top tier options were few and far between. For 2020, there are plenty you can choose from. Rather than examine specific brands and individual products, we’ve created a list of categories from which you can choose. Each category includes specific branded items that make the grade among remote logging programs. But, as is the case with all else in the IT universe, nothing is simple. The best way to begin is to identify the category that suits your needs. Once you’ve honed in on that, it’s up to you to search for a particular brand that meets your pricing and other criteria.

Keep an eye on pricing plans, how adaptable the products are, whether specific products you select within a category can be easily integrated with your current setup, how secure they are and if they offer one or more pre-configured templates. Cloud based services, no matter who sells them, tend to help companies streamline their operations and analyze huge amounts of data much more quickly than local systems. Here is a short overview of the current trends in cloud logging to watch out for.

Easy Deployment Options

Simple to deploy solutions include elite retail offerings that come with free trials. Not only do they work with all forms of data, but can utilize natural speech queries to uncover issues that require troubleshooting. One of its claims to fame for this category of cloud logger is the power to observe and monitor a system from top to bottom. Additionally, these easy deployment offerings have the ability to identify suspicious activity anywhere in your environment, right down to the lowliest level of the bottom most file.

Products for Non-Techies

If you consider yourself a non-techie, or someone who is new to IT in general, this category of log management products was made for you. Their simple interface and user-friendly setup are an out of the box solution for non-experts. You can log all relevant events in real-time from a single location, which sets them apart from most other high-end solutions on the market. In keeping with their beginner friendly image, these products offer several affordable pricing tiers.

Big-Name Brands

One of the benefits about opting for a big name is that you’ll usually get a program with diverse and multiple abilities that include competent collection, analysis, monitoring, searching and storage. These top of the line programs receive large volumes of data from an almost unlimited number of virtual machines and can be scaled for any size environment. For most IT workers, this option is a comprehensive solution that satisfies cloud-logging enthusiasts and even non-cloud devotees.

Not only do the industry biggies offer a full range of integrated services, they’re able to deliver solid AI-level insights based on intuitive machine learning design. That means users are able to rapidly uncover, respond to and fix any issues that arise. There’s a learning curve for most of these selections but the majority of users seem to expect that from solutions that do so much.