The 5 Best Blogging Platforms For Mobile Display

Nowadays, you can access any blog on your phone from your browser.  But does it maintain the design’s look and feel?  Is it having trouble loading because it wasn’t optimized for mobile display?  Here are some of the best apps for ensuring top quality design, even on a mobile device.


This is no doubt the leader of the blogging platforms.  Not only does it have a fantastic mobile/tablet application, but even without having to download the application, this blogging platform has an intuitive setting to detect a mobile device and changes the browser view to a mobile display.  This platform is a tried and true blogger favorite for those who are looking to maintain the integrity of their blog’s design.


The blog platform brain child of Google. This service equally ranks in popularity as WordPress, and is a blogging favorite for its reliability and ease of use. Blogger definitely offers fewer templates to use for your website’s design.  This could be frustrating for a blogger who wishes to have more control, but a blessing for a newbie blogger who is overwhelmed by all the choices. You can customize by selecting the Custom mobile template, which can adapt any template to a mobile version.


Tumblr looks great on any device. Hands down. A fantastic choice visually for maintaining your design, but more geared towards visual blogging and short-form blogging.  This is not the best choice for a wordy blog or business blog.  However, it’s definitely a top option for personal blogging and posting media, which holds up beautifully on any device you view it on. In addition to being a blog platform, it’s also considered a social network.


Never had a blog before? Some say the best way to create a blog is through Twitter.  It’s the pioneer in micro-blogging, and definitely consistent on a mobile device.  You can easily design your Twitter page on your mobile device and be sure that it will look the same on your desktop – unlike Facebook’s famous cover photo feature, which can look drastically different depending on whether you’re on the smartphone version or desktop.  The consistency of display from device to device and ease of design from your mobile phone make this a great user-friendly choice.


Weebly is a website/blog builder that has great design themes to choose from.  Weebly permits you to download your site code as standard HTML/CSS, and has a fantastic site-editing app for iPad.  Weebly is definitely a design favorite and a great choice for those who take their blog’s design seriously, and want it to consistently look good whether it’s on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.