Six Foundational Components a Successful SEO Strategy Should Have

Search engine optimization is an important online marketing tool that can help businesses in Fort Lauderdale strengthen their online presence. It involves responding to search engine algorithms by providing ‘signals’ that indicate a particular site has relevant content for a given search query.

Nevertheless, constant evolution is necessary, following the evolution of particular algorithms and in order to stay on the good side of algorithm requirements.

Below are six timeless components that should be included in any SEO strategy for success in the main search engines:

1. Proper keywords

Research on the right keywords is the first step towards implementing a successful SEO strategy. You need to be aware of what your target market is searching for and then use the same terms to be visible to them when they do. Your experts use these keywords to generate targeted traffic for websites.

There are many ways to come up with potential keywords. Brainstorming and market research surveys are good examples. An even easier way is to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Where you have keywords that are just too competitive within the field, you can instead opt to use long-tail keywords (phrases between two and five words long) which are even more easily ranked.

2. Meta tags

These are an important part of SEO. Meta tags and descriptions are what define the relevance of a particular site for some query. Search engines look at the title and descriptions of pages as initial clues regarding the suitability of the site for a user query. Therefore, you must provide a relevant description of the page, possibly including one main keyword, which can’t hurt.

3. Content

We all know that maxim “Content is King”. Creating superior quality and relevant content is one of the best ways to win over search engines to your site. Good content creates positive user experience, which will positively affect other metrics that search engines use to rank your page, for instance, session durations and bounce rates. You can hire Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization experts, who will give your readers users with useful informative content which will help to build consumer trust in your brand, and hence boost your sales.

4. Backlinks

Next to good content, organic backlinks must form a major part of any SEO strategy. A caveat to include at this point is that linking is less about quantity and more about quality. You need to have links from quality and authoritative sources pointing back to your website in order to win on this one.

Use newsworthy content, exciting graphics and other techniques to get online users within your niche talking about and linking back to your site.

5. Social media

Social media has gotten more clout in the ranking factors for most search engine algorithms, so ensure you have a vibrant, community-oriented and widespread social media following and presence, and that the same is reflected in your site.

6. Product images

Lastly, having high quality images of your products and services (where possible) is important. Users do not only look at web results, they are interested in images where suitable and therefore you want to attract them with high quality images. You can insert relevant keywords in file names, alternate text and captions in order to make them more SEO optimized.