Online Money Management: 5 Tips for Designing a User-Friendly Banking Website

Online banking has become extremely popular in recent years. Not only are brick and mortar banks offering online options, but there are entirely new financial organizations that exist solely in cyberspace. While many of the older generations are hesitant about this digital money management, millennials have been jumping on board. Higher interest rates and no-fee credit cards are some of the benefits, but some still question the safety. Included here are a few tips for designing a user-friendly, secure banking website.

Be Responsive

With all of the technological advances being made, it is no surprise that websites have begun to be responsive. This means the page you load will automatically adjust to the size of the screen you are using. When designing a website, this has practically become a must, in order to be user-friendly to your desired clientele. Solely online pages cannot afford to have difficult to use websites and responsiveness will allow them to be more appealing to users.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Humans are predisposed towards beauty. While you may not believe professional photographs have much to do with the banking industry, it can do a lot for your public image. Utilizing full-color, sprawling backgrounds, you can make a great impression on new users of your web page. Dated old text may be all you really need for online banking, but it is not going to earn you points with clientele.

Easily Navigable

Millennials have grown up on technology. Many of them began using smartphones in high school or earlier. With over 80 million Millennials in the United States, online banking web pages must be designed to suit this demographic. Make your page easily navigable by featuring a horizontal menu bar along the top of the page. Utilize white space to maintain client interest and don’t overload your page with color.

Offer Online Bill Pay

“The main reason Millennials go online is because they are lazy”… wrong. Millennials use the internet because it is a faster and better way of banking, and they save time and money doing it. Create a banking page that allows millennials to do all of their menial tasks, from paying their car loan to automatically depositing cash in their savings account.

Tech-savvy landlords may have set up online rent payments, as well, so be sure online billpay is an option for your customers. Customers will be coming to you right and left if they are able to utilize direct deposit, automatic rent, loan and credit card payments and still make deposits in savings. The more achievable you make common banking tasks on your page, the more likely you will be to glean new clients.

Make it Mobile

With smartphones occupying 61% of American consumer’s hands, it makes sense to offer services on mobile devices. While mobile banking originated with simple texted balance requests, customers have come to expect more from their mobile site.

More Americans surf the internet on their smartphones than on computers. This means they want to be able to accomplish all of the same tasks on that small mobile screen. Online banking has made great strides into automatic check deposit and easy transfers. Be sure your site has all of these features with the necessary security to generate the greatest clientele.