Is iPage Still a Reliable Web Host?

Ipage allows those who have a website that has been built using HTML and CSS or PHP to publish it quickly. However, if you are looking for a reliable host then iPage could be the one. Not only do they allow the uploading of your website via FTP but they also have the tools to help you build a site. There are many templates available that allow users to create, add and modify pages before publishing them. For those looking for small to medium sized hosting it is the ideal solution.

Is it the Right Choice for Hosting a WordPress Blog?

WordPress is perfect for those who want something more than a simple site. The control panel with iPage allows the installation of WordPress with just a couple of clicks. The essential plan will allow a small site with low traffic to run well but if traffic increases then problems can occur. There are WordPress plans available that come at a high cost and these could be the better option.

 How About Joomla?

If you want to create an online shop using Joomla then iPage is probably not the right choice. Joomla requires increased resources which would mean that performance would suffer.

Domain Registration

With every hosting plan from iPage comes a free domain name. This is a great way of saving money when starting out but if you want to register further domains using iPage then their costs are higher than others. Unfortunately, iPage is not the best domain register, however it is a solid hosting provider.

Does Weebly Site builder cost more?

Weebly integrates well within iPage and following the purchase of web hosting from iPage it can be used to create a website from the hosting account. There is a total of six pages that can be published using the free version but for those who want an unlimited amount an upgrade is required.

Ipage Control Panel

There may be some concerns from advanced users about the control panel that comes with iPage and this is mainly because they are more familiar with cPanel. The vDeck control within iPage offers excellent features and it is similar in some ways to cPanel but there are not as many features. This could be a problem for those who have used a host that had cPanel but for anyone who is new it will work perfectly.

Email Hosting

The shared plan from iPage is great for reliable email hosting and it allows the creation of a as many email accounts as is required. Forwarders can be set up, auto-responders and customisable spam filters as well as being able to access emails on the move.

Is There a Dedicated IP Address?

The shared hosting plan does not offer a dedicated IP address so if this is a requirement and you want your website hosted on a dedicated IP then this is not a possibility.

Is it Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux?

Ipage does have servers that run on Linux and the control panel is browser based which means that it can be used from a Mac, Windows or UNIX device. However, the control panel is not responsive so it can be tricky to use on a smaller device such as smartphone or tablet. They may consider releasing a mobile version in the future but there is currently no possibility of using the control panel from an android or iPhone.

How Does iPage Fare?

Their Essential plan is not suitable for every kind of website, but for a site that is starting out it offers simple hosting at an affordable price which is why iPage is a great option.