Guide to Find Productivity Working Remotely

Not every worker is thriving during the pandemic because they have to do their job remotely. It is hard to find enough motivation when you are not surrounded by coworkers. Not to mention that we usually associate home with a place to rest.

The situation may be difficult, but there is no helping it. Besides, it is still too early to tell when things will go back to normal, meaning that you will need to work from home.

In case you find it difficult to get into the rhythm and are looking for some advice to improve the situation, read the rest of this article. The suggestions below should come in quite handy.

Have a Morning Routine

It is easy to spend your time lying in bed when you do not have to commute to work and deal with traffic jams. However, it might not be too long before you notice that getting out of bed becomes harder every morning.

Having a morning routine should be the way to go. Yes, having an extra hour or so to sleep is nice, but you should still do your best not to oversleep.

Start with setting your alarm clock. In case one alarm is not enough because you find it that hard to get up in the morning, use multiple devices. In addition to your smartphone, you could also set an alarm on macbook (or another computer if you have it). Two alarms going off at once are bound to wake you up properly.

Once you no longer struggle to wake up at a reasonable hour, you can decide how to spend your morning before you get to work.

For some, a little bit of exercise is the best way to start the day. For others, it is reading books, news, or exchanging messages with friends. Having a delicious breakfast is also one of the options to consider. You could also try multiple ideas and see which one works the best for you.

Take Breaks

Taking regular breaks should also be one of the key things when working remotely. It is easy to lose track of time when you have no supervision. Add a messy schedule and procrastination, and you have a recipe for not resting enough.

Overworking is not good for your health, and it will not take too long before it comes back to bite you.

Even if it is just a few minutes, you should get away from the computer and let your eyes rest. Also, if possible, take a walk outside. A breath of fresh air should help you regain focus and forget about work, which leads to relaxing a bit more than you would by spending time inside.

Finally, do not skip having a proper lunch. Do not just gobble up a sandwich or some fast food and be done with eating your food in a few minutes. No, instead, prepare a proper meal and enjoy it to the fullest. After all, eating is one of life’s pleasures.

Keep in Touch With Others

Working remotely means no in-person interactions with your coworkers. It can get a bit lonely at times, which is not good for your mental health.

Look for opportunities to stay in touch with others. It can be a quick text exchange or an hour or two of facetime.

Keep in mind that others are in a similar situation and would likely love to hear from you. Be the first to initiate the contact and socialize with both your friends and coworkers.

Remove Distractions

Various distractions could be one of the primary reasons why you are struggling with remote work. Once again, it comes back to the lack of supervision. When you have nobody watching over your shoulder, it is easy to procrastinate and build bad work habits.

You are probably checking your smartphone more often than you should to browse social media, read the news, or even play games instead of doing your work.

If you live with someone, they might also cause you some problems. Be sure to set ground rules so that there is no disturbance when you are working.

Lastly, if possible, create a separate workspace that you can use. There is no need to turn an entire room into a home office. Setting up a desk for work is usually enough. When you are sitting at the desk you set up for work you will know that you should be working, not slacking off.

Reward Yourself

Knowing that there is something nice waiting for you at the end of the day could be a great way to find motivation. Rewarding yourself after a difficult time might just be enough to push through even when things are quite difficult.

Perhaps your favorite TV show is airing a new episode later? Or maybe there is a nice treat waiting for you in the fridge? Pick a reward you like and savor it after you finish working.