Getting Noticed: Are You Using Every Avenue to Get Your Products Out There?

With the incredible innovations in technology and web-advertising, if you are not using the options out there to promote your business, you are losing out on customers and money that your competitors are getting instead.

Most people are using, at the very minimum, social media marketing to get their products noticed.  However, there are many more avenues that may benefit your particular market, from reviews to direct marketing, and you should be utilizing most – if not all – of them to get your products out there.

Email Marketing

It’s so much more than spam anymore.  If you have not looked into this marketing technique, you absolutely are missing the boat.

Email marketing statistics show that, on average, every email you send brings in an average of $.71 in the United States, so even the ones that you get no response on are getting you money.  In fact, 44% of emails resulted in at least one purchase simply from the promotional advertisement.

Take some time to learn the ropes, like the fact that customers tend to open emails more on Wednesdays, but they don’t actually click on them until Sundays.  These little tidbits can help you direct your marketing techniques more accurately.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is worldwide, and a huge target market is there with over one billion users actively scrolling through their page daily.

Facebook has a data collection system in place that helps you target your audience by specific criteria such as age, gender, interests, and more.  The ads they offer appeal to multiple ranges of budgets and you can predetermine your maximum expenditure.

Web Pages

Bump up your web page through specialized customization to attract more traffic to your site.  A basic page does the job, but adding the right touch through graphics, font and catchy advertising can make the difference between a sale and a closed page.

Don’t forget to send those email reminders to people who have left items in their shopping cart.  Studies show that a reminder sent via a succession of three repeated emails has a higher result in getting customers to return to your page and follow through on their purchases.

Linking Pages

Using strategic linking to other sites can bring an abundance of traffic to your page.  A technique known as an infographics is a specific way to use computerized information to create backlinks and boost your SEO.

Producing high-quality content attracts high-quality links on Google, but they use a very in-depth formula to determine their placement.  Hiring an Infographic Design Service to create your backlinks and content is a smart way to use this marketing technique without the worrying about SEO and content yourself.

Customer Reviews

Offer an upgrade, rebate or free service to customers who are willing to give you testimonials that you can share.  If you have a new product coming out, ask current customers to preview it and give you a review that others can see.  Customers are more likely to purchase a new product if there are positive reviews from other people already established.

Start Small, But Start Now

Choose one or two of these marketing techniques that you are not already benefiting from and give them 100% of your effort before incorporating another avenue.  Start small, build a strong structure off of the technique you have begun to use, and then add another.

You have unlimited business to attract – go ahead and become the magnet that brings in all of the customers for your product today!