Dos and Don’ts When Selecting Stock Photos for Your Website

Imagery is a vital component of any marketing activity. When you visit a business website, you usually first gravitate towards its imagery and color. This is the reason why the use of imagery is essential for your website.

Most websites use stock photos for their website. These photos are professional photographs of landmarks, common places, events, nature, or people. They can be used for commercial design purposes. According to statistics, online content with more photos or images gets 94% more views compared to pages without.

You can get stock photos from a free stock photo database. However, not all websites that offer free stock photos have high quality photos. To help you select the right stock photos for your website, let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts when selecting stock photos.

Do Match Your Mood

It is necessary to choose stock photos that match your brand’s style, mood, and voice. This is because images must appeal to your target audience. There are several styles out there. However, you should choose only those that appeal to your target audience.

Do Use Images of People or Animals

Photography creates a connection between an article and its audience. If you really want to bring a sense of connection to your content, use photos of people and animals. Even if your site deals with technical concepts, it is necessary to use photos of a living entity. They enhance relatability. Plus, they are useful as humorous devices.

Do Research Licensing Agreements

Every person wants to acquire stock photos at pocket-friendly prices. This does not mean that you should go for the cheapest ones. In most cases, cheap items are not the best ones to acquire. Some of them are actually illegal if you do not get the proper permissions to use them and can bring a plethora of problems. Before you choose a photo from a website, contact the owner. Check the website’s license to ensure your safety.

Don’t Be Reckless in Choosing a Reputable Source

Although there are several stock websites out there, they are not the same. Some are of good quality while others are not. Some are from sources with good track record while others are not. If you really want to build a good reputation for your business, choose stock photos from reputable sources.

Don’t Be Cliche

For you to convey the right message to your audience, avoid being cliché. It is important to avoid choosing images that show false emotions and unnatural poses that are clearly staged. Just like any other marketer, you will want your viewers to connect to your images. Obviously, this may not be possible if your photos appear unnatural.

Don’t Use Abstract 3D Figures and Pictures

Do not use abstract images, unless you are using them to enhance your website’s aesthetics. These kinds of images may not deliver the intended message, especially if you are trying to utilize visuals.


If you are looking for stock photos for your website, it is necessary to keep these tips in mind. Photography is an essential visual medium. Learning how to utilize it well is important. Choosing the right stock photos for your website will have a positive impact on its appearance.