Basics of Product Presentation That Will Help You Increase Sales

Online shopping is tricky. Sometimes you just get a pig in a poke, and there’s no wonder: many online stores just ignore common sense when it comes to visual product presentation. Product images play a vital role in a decision-making process of customers, and not clear images or their absence can cause problems.

I’m sure you don’t want to frustrate your potential customers. Learn some useful tips on visual product presentation to make site navigation easier and faster. Moreover, having attractive and high-quality images will help you boost sales: customers tend to look at images more than read text content. Of course, it greatly depends on the industry you are in, but it’s still true to more or less extent.

So let’s get down to the tips!

1. Use high-resolution images

Do you like grained, blurred, stretched images? I’m sure you don’t. Neither do I. They are frustrating as you can hardly see any details.

I swear your customers also prefer high quality images to low quality ones. Think about it next time you will be copying a small image from your supplier’s site to place it on your page.

If supplier’s product images are the only ones you have, create your own! There are many benefits of it: firstly, they will be of high-quality (provided you do this professionally); secondly, those images will be unique which is good for search engines as well as for users who can finally see the product from new angles.

2. Make your zoom effective

Don’t you have a product zoom? If you don’t, install it right away. It helps your clients to study products much better.

If you have a zoom option in your store, make sure it works properly. I saw many examples when zoom worked in a strange way: it either didn’t make the images bigger or made them even smaller which was completely frustrating.

3. Photo albums

One product photo is definitely not enough. You should show your product from different angles: front, sides, back. You can also demonstrate size of your product, its measurements, etc. So add photo albums to your pages instead of only one picture.

The main aim here is to provide a full idea of how your product looks like. That will let you avoid many returns and customers’ dissatisfaction with the items received.

4. Customer images

Real images from your real customers are one of the best types of product pictures. First of all, they show your product in use which is really beneficial for you. Secondly, such images demonstrate a variety of your product looks: for example, if you sell clothes, your customers can demonstrate how the items look like on real people with different constitution.

What is more, customers’ product images can serve as a social proof and thus increase your sales.

Of course, collecting images from customers is a niche-dependent tactic, but it can work for most spheres.

Summing up

Importance of product images cannot be over-estimated. They demonstrate your product and help customers to make a decision on buying. The better your product looks, the more sales it can generate. So work on your product presentation and then it will work for your benefit.

Author Bio:

Kristina Azarenko: She is a marketing manager at Amasty (,  one of the leading Magento extensions developers.