5 Tips to Increase Visitor Interest in Your Web Design

One of the most important things that overall web design has to be in order to succeed is ‘interesting’. When people get to your site, they have to be ‘interested’. Because that is, essentially, the building block of web design success – how much attention can you hold of the people that drop in.

And there are a million different ways for your site to be interesting, but the following five tips will give you a general map of through processes that can move you through your own path to reach that goal.

Link To Ways To Save Money

Everyone wants to save money. So, if somewhere on your site, you have links to places that help save money, then people will continue to come back to your site. You just have to find an organic way to fit these links in, perhaps as part of a story you’re telling, or even in a section that is specifically catered to money savings. That is where you have to be creative and get the hook in. Some common ways to save include places that have coupons codes, or even places that list where items are on sale or discount.

Use Responsive Designs

A web design that is interesting on a desktop can be a mess on a mobile phone if you don’t learn how to use responsive web design. This is a relatively new phenomenon, but one that is important to consider because so many people access the web through their mobile devices now. The idea is that your page has to look great via desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, and that it is always easy to navigate no matter what, and also present all of the relevant information.

Collaborate with Other Web Designers

You are not on an island as a web designer. There are millions of you out there. So, if you want to increase interest in your own design, there’s a two part plan for talking to other designers. First, you’ll learn things from them because of their design techniques, and second, they’ll be interested in what you have to offer. Everyone wins!

Use Surveys To Determine How You’re Doing

You can also send surveys to people who visit your site. You can have some way where they will send you their email address, and then you can send a link to them with a survey asking questions about your design. In that way, they can be totally honest, and you can get a good sense of what you have to work on. Just be careful not to spam surveys out to people who don’t want them, because that’s any easy way to lose trust without gaining anything.

Follow Successful Websites

Finally, if you want to use great design yourself, start by following the designs of other successful people. There are some amazing personal and corporate designs out there, and it doesn’t take any money at all for you to just peruse around.