5 Great WordPress Plugins that Manage Different Parts of Your Business

Though there are many industries (restaurants, for example) which don’t need a website to generate leads, the truth is that the vast majority of industries rely on lead generation to make money. But there are so many lead generation and management plugins out there that it’s hard to wade through the options to find the best ones available.

Plugin rating systems are hit-and-miss, with usually only a small fraction of plugin users even leaving reviews, and reading through many of those reviews reveals obvious issues: such as some individuals not realizing they need to activate the plugin. Finding a great plugin isn’t as easy as, say, picking a website builder, where free website builder reviews are numerous, often detailed, and well-researched.

So we’ve compiled a list of the top lead generation plugins, with notes on additional perks, amount of users, and more.

WordPress Leads Plugin

Worpress Leads is used by over 160,000 individuals, and is likely one of the most powerful and well-rounded lead generation, management, and tracking plugins available. It’s also utterly and absolutely free. It has a form builder which allows you to make your own calls to action and lead generation elements that look stellar and conform to your site’s design… but the buck just doesn’t stop there.

It uses geolocation and tracking data to track the website activity of each visitor, going beyond Google Analytics to show you what each individual lead does on your website. It connects with Zapier, allowing you to have API integration with over 300 different third-party marketing and management apps. It even gathers the social media account information of these visitors, and shows you their industry-aligned interests based on their other web data. Without a doubt, it’s the most powerful free lead plugin out there.

Icegram Plugin

Icegram is downloaded by over 60,000 users, and comes in at number two on our list of top lead generation WordPress plugins. It’s also completely free. It includes special calls to action formatted to different common areas: headers, sidebars, and footers, and has deeply detailed targeting rules. It also doesn’t force its own branding into any pop ups or messages, which is a problem in several other lead plugins. While it doesn’t do a lot of special tracking on its own, it does integrate to third-party auto responders and marketing software pretty easily.

Salesforce WordPress Plugin

The Salesforce plugin integrates WordPress calls to action into an already-established Salesforce CRM account. It’s got over 56,000 downloads and, though it only does one thing, it does it well: it plugs any leads which come into your WordPress site into your Salesforce plugin. Salesforce tracks a lot of data and saves a lot of hassle, and Salesforce itself is a very popular platform for managing leads… which is why this comes in third. But if you don’t have a Salesforce account and don’t want to get one, you’re unfortunately left in the dust here.

Convertable Plugin

Convertable generates, tracks, and manages leads, and is use-ready within 5 minutes of installing. It’s downloaded by over 13,000 users and according to Search Engine Watch, is an ideal solution for individuals who don’t need all the options of WordPress Leads or Salesforce, but need a good mid-tier product. It offers real-time visitor information and tracks what they do on your site, helps you build contact and sign up forms, and integrates well with PPC platforms to help utilize user data to target more effectively. You will need an account on the Convertable website to use the plugin, but that account is free.

Vtiger Plugin

This lead generation plugin for WordPress has become WP Leads Builder, which combined several CRM plugins all in one. Though it’s recently been announced that there will be no more support for this plugin, it’s still a remarkably solid product. It gives you a simple lead management platform which also integrates with existing users, allowing you to see simple data fields. It integrates with easy shortcodes and is effectively hassle-free.