3 Ways to Build Your Website Quickly

Thanks to the advancement of computer and web technologies, nowadays it is incredibly easy to build your very own website in a matter of hours. The greatest thing about this opportunity is that this can be done without writing a single line of code. With the help of modern website builders, any user connected to the web can quickly set-up a unique website layout, pick the color scheme, include various sections and features that can enhance their page’s appearance and functionality. The best thing is that you can create any type of website you wish – online stores, professional company websites, portfolio pages, blogs, news outlets, you name it!

Many website builders offer their users the opportunity to pick from hundreds of customizable website templates that can be reworked to serve any purpose. While most website builders are quite similar, some of them are obviously much better than the rest. We’ve compiled a short review of three of the best website builders at the moment, and we strongly suggest you take a look at them if you plan on using website building services any time soon! Keep in mind that all these website builders are completely free, but they do have premium subscriptions that offer additional perks, tools, and bonus features.


Makea is a website builder that you can find by visiting Makea.website. Despite its relatively young age, Makea has already attracted thousands of users, and it is safe to say that none of them have been disappointed by what Makea has to offer. It’s a quick solution for those who often think that how to make a website without having designing skills.

One of the best things about Makea is the way its pre-made templates are arranged and structured. Their authors have made sure that any section of the template can be combined with other templates and layouts to ensure that users will be able to take the best out of every project they like! All combinations and modifications to existing layouts are executed via Makea’s impressive drag & drop control panel. The website editor that Makea offers provides the user with real-time results, so you can instantly see how the changes you make impact your website’s appearance! All registered users get a free hosting plan where they can host their finished Makea project.


Webs is the place to visit if you want to use the easiest of website builders. This service has been around for many years, and it is one of the popular choices among both novice and advanced webmasters. Users who register with Webs can use several methods to build their website:

  • The Webs set-up wizard asks users several short questions and uses the answers to propose a set of website templates and features that should match the user’s needs and requirements.
  • From scratch by using Webs’ rich library of layouts and interface elements that can be combined via drag & drop interface.
  • By using one of the Webs’ amazing pre-made templates that come with modern design solutions, fully SEO optimized, and fully responsive.

Apart from being accessible and convenient, Webs is also one of the website building services that boast amazing customer support. Any user who comes into trouble while building their website can rely on the Webs customer support team to help them out! Regardless if it is a bug, issue or a simple question, the Webs support team is available at any time.


The Weebly website builder offers a huge collection of website templates that are SEO-ready, responsive, and fully customizable. All of Weebly’s pre-made themes have been crafted by experienced web designers and developers who have used the latest web technologies to come up with the products you see.

Weebly offers its users free website hosting, as well as a free.weebly.com domain that can be used to access your website. Naturally, Weebly also provides all registered users with the opportunity to connect their unique domain with the website hosted on Weebly.

As for the website builder, this service offers an intuitive drag & drop editor that allows users to quickly change any aspect of their website’s layout and appearance.