3 Design Tips That Will Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

When it comes to running an online business, one of the most important metrics your company is likely tracking is online conversions. If a visitor to your website does what you want them to do, this counts as a conversion. However, getting your visitor from point A to point B isn’t always as easy as you hope. For this reason, it’s vital that businesses exploit as many design elements as they can to up their website’s conversion rate. To help you know just how you can do this, here are three design tips any website can employ, whether you service the housing industry or the retail industry, that will help ramp up your site’s conversion rate.


As you may have heard before, the acronym K.I.S.S stands for “keep it simple, stupid.” While complex web design likely doesn’t mean that your developer is stupid, a complex design can make it more difficult for you to have the most optimal conversion rate. According to Jonathan Long, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, opting for clean and simple designs on web pages that have a specific action you want from your visitor will result in a much higher conversion rate rather than trying to impress them with flash and pizzazz. This principle is also true for site elements like navigation and contact information: the easier it is to understand what’s going on where, the more effective your website will be.

Showcase A Human Face

While this doesn’t mean you have to have a literal human face on each page of your website—although one or two of these wouldn’t hurt-showcasing a human face really means allowing your visitor to see you and your company as real people, not just a corporate group of robots. Not only will this help bolster trust in your website, but Zoe Uwem of OptInMonster.com shares that is can also immensely increase the liklihood of people completing your web goals like signing up for a service or informational giveaway. When visitors feel like they’re working with actual people they can give human attributes to, the distance between the user and the company shrinks, helping with conversion rates all over your website.

Steer Clear of Stock Images

One of the best ways to increase the visual interest on your website is to use images. However, not all images are created equal. For this reason, Mustafa Khundmiri, a contributor to KISSMetrics.com, tells businesses and web developers to stay as far away from stock images as possible. Not only are stock images usually cheesy, but they also make your company look unprofessional if you have stock images that are also featured on other prominent places throughout the Internet. This can be a huge killer to your trust level and reputation, potentially tanking your conversion rates. To keep this from happening, do what it takes to have unique and applicable images on your website.

WIth so much of the success of your digital marketing reliant on the strength of your conversion rates, it makes sense for a business to focus on having quality design elements that will give you the best chance of having better conversion numbers. Use the tips mentioned above to begin raising your website’s conversion rate today simply by making a few design tweaks.