Wix Answers Help Desk Software – Everything You Need to Provide Top Class Support to Your Customers

Perhaps one of the most important things that differentiates a great company from a not-so-great one is its relationship with clients. A great brand doesn’t mean only having an amazing product, but also promoting a culture and having a community of satisfied customers. A high quality help desk software is, oftentimes, what makes the difference between success and barely holding on.

We did our homework and researched the tools that may help businesses to better organize their tickets, emails, calls and issues from their end users. Fortunately, we came across Wix Answers, which puts together all the puzzle pieces you need to save time, lower costs, and increase productivity, while also promoting a healthy customer relationship status.

Wix Answers is a help desk software entirely cloud-based that makes it tremendously easy to create a Support Center that runs smoothly and is easy to use. Perhaps one of the first, amazing things about it is that it features beautiful templates and it is highly customizable. You can easily personalize it to match your brand’s identity and sense of style.

We played a little bit with Wix Answers and were surprised to experience the following benefits:

  • The platform is easy to use, and very intuitive
  • You have access to four support channels in one place
  • The communication with clients and support agents is very easy to maintain
  • You can customize everything in order to match it with your brand’s identity
  • The widget feature helps you guide your clients and easily find answers
  • It is easy to install and manage

Probably one of the things that makes Wix Answers stand out is the fact that everything is in one place. You don’t have to scroll through different pages, open multiple tabs and log into different accounts in order to manage your tickets and customer activity. Even more, the notifications system is created so well that there is no chance that you will ever miss a message or call from your clients.

There are several tools and features that you get with Wix Answers from which we can list:

A well-tailored Help Center

You might think that a help center is just…. a help center, nothing special; however, this is far from being correct, as this represents the heart of every business when it comes to the brand’s relationship with the clients; Combining it with a knowledge base where your users can easily find an answer to their problem by browsing through articles, tutorial and guides, will help you to be always sure that they don’t leave with a sad expression on their face, or even anger. Answering your clients’ inquiries is the key to keeping people interested in your brand.

The one and only, Wix Call center

we were surprised to see how easy it is to take and receive calls with the call center powered by Wix Answers; you can set up call lines, queues, and IVR flows in a few minutes, as well as create a 1-800 number. Moreover, there is a feature that allows you to add multiple agents to a call that you find difficult to answer, so that the customer can receive the best response to its problem and hang up the phone satisfied with your service

A well-organized ticketing system

No need to worry anymore about lost tickets or untracked events, as the Wix ticketing system makes sure to keep everything under control; this is where you can efficiently manage all requests coming via email, and even Facebook business page. Even more, you can create saved replies so that your support team responds fast to common questions and saves time.

A tremendously useful widget

We must admit that we were not expecting a surprise from Wix Answers, yet here it is: a widget that you can showcase in different parts of your website so that visitors can benefit from your help exactly when they need it; you can showcase articles from your knowledge base, as well as other information to clients when they seek it, thus you can make sure that they don’t navigate away from the product.

We tested all these features and were surprised to notice how smooth everything is. For a company that receives many inquiries and questions from clients, Wix Answers comes as a band-aid. Another awesome bolus that we were happy to discover is that you can set up mailboxes and use them as a direct method for customers to contact you.

With this being said, if you are looking for a tool that will help your company reduce costs, improve performance and increase customer retention and satisfaction, Wix Answers may be just what you were looking for. Sit back and watch how Wix delivers the expected results and so much more, with so little effort from your end.

Experience customer support like never before, with Wix Answers!