Top 5 Ways To Market Your Business You May Have Overlooked

Here’s a secret about business marketing: it’s an ongoing effort that never ends.

Take a look at some of the major companies in the world, such as Amazon, Facebook, or Google. Do these companies ever cease to market or advertise for themselves even though they have near universal name recognition? The short answer is no, they continue to market themselves on an ongoing basis.

For your own company or online business, marketing will need to be an ongoing effort, and even if you think that you’ve used every marketing trick in the book already, the truth is there are still probably several other methods, like multi-channel marketing, that you’ve either overlooked or forgotten about.

Here are the top five ways to market your business you may have overlooked:

1. Hold Public Events At Your Company

You should already know the value of networking, but what you may not have realized is that just as effective as going to business networking events is creating your own such events and bringing people to it.

You can further attract more people to your events if you promise to offer incentives, such as free appetizers and food, special guest speakers, or really anything else of value.

2. Create A Business App

A business app is one of the best ways you can continually reach out to customers while they are away from your company. You can use your app to give coupons and discounts exclusively to users, to set up your rewards program, or to provide video advertising content to name a few different things.

You can also use online services such as Buildfire to professionally design your app for you in order to create a truly personalized and positive experience for the user. Simplicity, engaging colors, and providing value e will be the hallmarks of a successful business app that your customers will use. 

3. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Online reviews can either sink or elevate your business determining on how negative or positive they are respectively.

Obviously you should work to secure as many authentic positive reviews for your business as you possibly can, and you can actually do this by directly asking your customers to leave a review or by offering a small incentive of some kind for them to do so.

In the event of receiving a negative online review, the very worth thing you can do is to not respond to it.  Instead, respond to the review, feel bad for having let down the customer, and offer  to remedy the problem. 

4. Partner With Other Businesses

Why treat other businesses as competitors when you can work together for mutual benefit? This is exactly why working with other businesses in your industry rather than against them is actually one of the most overlooked marketing strategies of all.

For example, if you have a limited marketing budget, you can join forces and form a marketing partnership. Examples of what you can do include exchanging customer lists and then paying a commission for every sale made from the opposite list.

You can also work together to split the cost of postage, to share the same warehouse or space for storing physical products, and combining rewards program so that if a customer earn points for one business it will count for the other business too. 

5. Don’t Neglect Lower Budget Marketing Methods

Last but not least, there are a number of low budget marketing methods that are surprisingly effective and should therefore not be overlooked.

For example, have you considered the old fashioned method of having an artist create eye appealing art somewhere downtown, setting up fliers around your city, advertising in the local newspaper, or organizing a flash mob to promote your brand awareness?

These kinds of strategies may be cheap, and they may also be very traditional, but even in the post modern age of today they can still work very well.

Overlooked Ways To Market Your Business

There are many more overlooked ways to market your business that this article didn’t cover, so don’t end your research here.

But still, this article should have given you a good idea of just a handful of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal that you may not have thought of or forgotten about. With that information in mind, you can completely revamp your marketing strategy for the better.