How to Keep More of Your Website Visitors on Your Website for Longer

Do you struggle to keep your website visitors on your website for long periods of time? It’s a problem that faces many website owners, but it is an issue you can fix. Below are some of the most effective ways you can keep more of your website visitors on your website for longer.

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Use Online Videos

Online videos are extremely popular with online audiences and you should be adding videos to your website whenever it’s appropriate to do so. However, make sure you only publish high quality, relevant videos that add to your website visitors online experience. You can embed other people’s videos or create your own videos such as Spiel Explainers that explain complex information in video format.

Write Longer, Higher-quality Posts

A large number of people go online to find specific information about a certain topic, niche or industry. If you provide this information, you will be much more likely to build your online audience and people who read your content will be more likely to share your content with other people.

Writing long, well researched, interesting posts is one of the best ways to do this because you are providing a valuable service to your website visitors. They will want to stay on your website for longer periods of time, than they otherwise would if your content does not provide this value.

Create an Online Community on Your Website

If you can turn your website into a vibrant, friendly online community, you are certain to get more returning visitors to your website and these people will also stay on your website for longer, each time they visit your website.

There are many different ways you can create an online community. You could start by allowing people to comment about your content. This could then be developed into a forum or a membership area where like-minded people can ask each other questions, give advice and socialise with each other online. This approach is particularly effective if you have a blog or website that’s dedicated to a specific topic, niche or industry.

Make Sure You Have a Fast Loading Website

Today’s internet users are impatient and expect results fast. Your website should load quickly and website visitors should be able to go from one web page to another without any delays. You can achieve this by using a reliable, fast hosting plan and by avoiding large, slow loading images that many website owners add to their content.

Website Layout and Navigation

You should make life as easy as possible for everyone who calls to your website. This can be achieved by adding easy-to-use menus, internal links to other web pages in your website and easy-to-find search facilities. These simple changes could be the difference between website visitors staying on your website for a few seconds or spending long periods of time viewing different areas of your website.

Every website owner should aim to keep their website visitors on their website for as long as possible. Implementing the changes above will ensure that this is more likely to happen.