4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Website Design

You know the phrase ‘there is always room for improvement’? That thinking should be applied to all aspects of your business, especially your website. While you may think your website looks perfect, there are always changes that can take your website to the next level. Consider implementing these four changes to revolutionize your website.

1. Reevaluate Your Homepage

The home page of your website design is like a window display in a shop. You need to convince passing customers to come in and explore your products. It can be tempting to overload them with information, but keep it short and simple on your homepage. From the home page your visitors will make a decision as to where to go next based on their particular needs. Keep it simple and make the navigation clear so their next step is obvious.

You need to tell your customers what to do on your homepage, also known as a call to action. Similar to putting a “20% off sale” sign on your storefront window, you need to invite the customers to take the next action. This can be an offer to explore the website or to get in contact for more information.

Part of your call to action needs to include social buttons. Place buttons to your social profiles in a clear location to encourage visitors to follow you. Social media allows you to communicate directly with your customers and showcase who you are as a brand. When website visitors follow you on social media channels, they have a higher chance of falling in love with your brand personality and converting to customers.

2. Reconsider Your Web Design

Remember in the previous section where it said keep it short and simple? That advice goes for your actual website design as well. A simple design draws in the site visitor, giving them an opportunity to easily explore your website. This means bold images, easy-to-scan content, and a straightforward navigation. Choose colors that match your branding and logo but that are also comforting and compelling.

Even if you are in love with your website design, consider the load times of the site. A website that takes a long time to load or register a command is off-putting and will increase your bounce rate. Consider hiring website designers to clean up your code, or switch to a new hosting company with faster connections.

3. Raise Your SEO and Metrics Efforts

If you have not hired an SEO expert yet, you need to! They know the ins and outs of what search engines love to see. Using content optimisation, and well-balanced keyword combinations, along with a strong off-site campaign, they can make your website the star student of search engines.

Once SEO is in place, you need to track how well your efforts are doing. Ask your SEO expert about the next steps for analytics, or register yourself for a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is fairly simple to use. By looking at your overall analytics dashboard, you will be able to see what is hampering your conversion rate and come up with adjustments.

4. Ready Your Website for Mobile

Having a great desktop website is not enough. Customers also have tablets and smartphones they will use to access your website and the percentage of those who primarily use mobile is bigger than you think. 60% of internet access is from mobile devices and 83% of consumers plan to make purchases via mobile this year. These statistics show you need to offer users both a mobile and desktop version of your website.

This article was contributed by Magicdust, Australian website designers providing website design and online marketing services throughout Australia.